It Always Gets Worse Before It Gets Better!

We have been down this renovation road before. And with old homes, it can get very interesting.

The charm that we love about it including the crooked floors are such things that also represent some interesting challenges when it comes to fixing them.

At 10:30 am we no longer had hot water, by 11 am, we no longer had water period. ETA…well… not sure. Cold water probably another day or so. Hot water??? Who knows.

We did the stuff that needed to be done. Drinking water, Check! Buckets and buckets of water for everything else, Check!!. Wood stove to boil water if needed. Check check!! We are now living on rations and it might a few days before we get it back.

But because we have been here for a few years now, we were aware of the problems. An old floor that had water damage in the water room had caused the floor to sag. So that needed to be addressed. And the floor and wall had separated from each other at the back where we thought the foundation was floundering. That was the good news. No foundation flounder, just a separation. The problem now is we want to fix it so that the floor is straight, without rebuilding the house. With old houses, it’s most certainly the case a lot of the time. So you have to work around the problems.

This is the part where it gets worse before better. You need to lift everything to find the damage, then to repair it before you can actually build anything to put anything on.

Are you following me so far? So it’s now 9:35 pm. The reparation of the rotten floor has been done. The shimming is getting completed and ready for installation of everything else on a floor that will be level.

Not for the fainthearted. My job in all this. Not much since it’s such a small room. I get to encourage a bit and take pictures. Not much of a vacation in some ways, but in other ways, it’s the love of having a home to fix that makes it worth it.

And the difference it makes when it’s done will be like night and day. And that is the most wonderful thing of all. My husband has been the most creative man I know when it comes to these things (he’s a genius) and tries to do it as well as he can. I’ve seen him create straight walls out of crooked ones and now a straight floor where there should not be one. Magic. Yes most certainly.

If you look at the picture on the left below, you can actually see the ceilings apparent zig zags going on (look at the top where the trim meets the ceiling). What was happening is that there was much more space on the left closet ceiling as it seemed to shrink as we went to the right closet door. So above the doors looked uneven and really terrible. So my husband fashioned a covering that was even with the doors and simply made an optical illusion seem real with the ceiling. It has no structural value except that it makes the wall appear even as you can see from the second pic. I went from no closet to a fabulous closet that looked professionally done. No bad for an amateur! Wouldn’t you say?

So to get back to today’s work as you can see, we have gone from bad to worse to a little better.  So much more work than what it appears.

Stay Tuned! I promise you won’t believe the ending of this project!

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