How The 70’s are Slowly Disappearing From My House!

Renovations are real fun at my house, although high stress for sure. Things almost always never go the way they are supposed to. Today as we try to renovate the laundry/water room, it’s no exception. We live in a rural area and even though the city next to us who think themselves big, they sometimes are sorely lacking when it comes to stocking products. We had to do 5 different stores to find one simple fitting.

So we started out at 9 am this morning and at almost 3:30 pm, we have barely begun. The good news is that we pretty much have all we need to begin early tomorrow morning. Yes, we have re-scheduled for tomorrow morning early.

My house is over 150 years old, so it’s been renovated and fixed up a few times. The last owners (relations I like and love) did a lot for this home, but there we some areas that still screamed 1970’s.

The bathroom was one. Although it still needs much work, we did some cosmetic stuff to it when we first moved in.

Aqua sea green walls and what I called “Finding Nemo” border wall paper basically made me very seasick every time I went in there.





It’s been many years since that first change. We have now been in the home and the living room got a refresh, and also the kitchen just to name a few. It’s the laundry room that is it this time, which should add a much needed second toilet to the home with 4 people. I don’t need to talk about the importance of that, I’m sure you all know if you have a similar situation.

So roughly it looks a bit rudimentary, since it’s never really been placed or decorated. It’s the forgotten room by the door. An important one since it holds shoes, jackets, then used to hold the washer, dryer, pump, hot water tank etc. You are getting the jest of it. If water travels through our home, it begins here. And because it’s by the busiest out/in door, it doubles as the coat/shoe room. With no real systems in place it tends to get a bit messy in there.


So here is what it looks like today! No promises for it be done by the end of this week (meaning for pictures), but I promise to keep you guys updated.

We took out the door you see on the left hand side of the picture only to find remnants of the paint job left under the trim. Guess what?


Yep, that is Pink. I do believe that was a color used here at one point, possibly even in the kitchen. Urkkk.I love the music from the 70’s. As for the pastel green and pinks in the houses, not so much!

The only pink I want to see these days are on my perennials.


So nothing much today, just a lot of running around on our first day of holidays. Oh and making messes.

Isn’t life grand!


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