Day After The Storm/Cutting Fringe/Wood Stove/Coffee/Bubble Gum Lip Gloss or As I Like To Call It-Day 1!

Yah Yah, I know. The title is too long. It’s my vacation and I’ll write a long title if I want to! (Stolen from It’s my Party!! :))
So here I am watching the Icy Storm from yesterday slowly melt on this dreary day. At least my car is ice free now…but I might need skates to get to it.

It’s supposed to get warm by Sunday (around 12 degrees) so hopefully that crap will be gone.

It’s OK because on this first day of vacation (as my calendar has so kindly reminded me on my desktop), I am totally at ease with being like a teenager and do a lot of nothing.


See the stores are all closed and the day is not really a nice one to go out… So it’s coffee and wood stove to get the humidity out of the air and a whole day of nothing in particular.

So enjoying a nice warm fire was definitely on the list of things to do today. With the nice weather coming it might be one of the last few days where we get to enjoy it!!


So other than eating and watching television, what is there to do? How about cutting my bangs or fringe as my Europeans friends like to say.


So now that this was done, I was instantly reminded of my younger days where I had bangs all the time. Something I brought back this year (as you know everything eventually comes back into style) and could not help but put on some of my bubble gum pink lip gloss. If you were like me, it never lasted very long because I always licked it off. That’s the trouble with making makeup taste like sweets!


So hanging around in my yoga pants I’m about to wander into the kitchen and wonder what I can eat (other than my lip gloss). Pizza I think. And Beer! Why? Because I can. 🙂


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