Home Stretch!

I don’t know about all of you, but the last day of work before a vacation break is absolutely the best! It stretched on gloriously long like it knows you are waiting for the goodies to begin. Even dumping a snowstorm with possible ice pellets just to make my drive interesting. Isn’t it always the way?Today is the almost half way done and all is moving along just greatly for me to begin a nice break away from the office.

As I think about it, it’s not so much the office I hate but the constant routine that leaves little to the imagination in the way of the time since you give it away each day to work.

For that reason, it’s nice to take a break and change your everyday setting to get inspired by other things. Things you probably don’t always have to time to do.

For us we will be splitting it into a few chunks. First chunk will be a couple days down time and then a small renovation in our water/laundry room. We will try to keep it simple and get what we can done while still enjoying our time off ( I see impromptu car rides to nowhere ). Then it will be off to the province of Quebec for a much anticipated time at A Spa for a couple of days (I’ll post the place and address as I go along) and then off to Quebec City to visit the history there, including my own (which I will also write about here).

Having the time off will help me practice and also write about different things in a new type of format and let me experience taking my blog in a different direction if only for a short while.

I’m hoping to share, inspire and throw out ideas for anyone who dares to dream.

Hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I will. I’ll try to keep it interesting!

I hope everyone stays safe and have a happy Easter Weekend!


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