Bracing Yourself For Unpleasantness!

I find review times at work always aggravating!

Even if you have to work at full capacity and at optimum levels (meaning saving more butts more times than you can count), you still have to deal with bosses passing judgement on you twice a year on your efficiency and such.

Mine are usually alright. They try to make sure to tell me how “NOT”great I am since that would cost too much money in the long run. So they always settle for “meets expectations most of the time.”  This used to aggravate me and gnaw at me internally until I realized how unimportant it all was.

I tried putting it into perspective. And how I used to brace myself mentally to protect myself and my worth when this time of year arrived. I’m hoping these tips can make you sit up and square your shoulders in confidence without having to cringe at stuff that really in the end doesn’t matter a whole lot.

  1. Don’t take it personally. They don’t. They want to get the most out of you without having to pay you more. That is why there is always “a room for improvement place” even if you have personally taken care of 3 divisions, climbed mount Everest and made them look good. They have to put some kind of criticism on that page. Not putting anything there implies you are perfect and perfection cost money.
  2. Most of the time managers want to get this over with as well. They don’t like having to do this. Only a truly evil manager likes judging people. (Don’t get me wrong there are some evil ones, but most hate doing this as much as you hate listening to it).
  3. You know your abilities and how to do your job. You have been doing it for years now. Remember that they need you just as much as you need them. That is the secret. It costs an awful lot of money and sometimes with a steep learning curve to train a new person.  Their goal is to egg you on to do more, not to fire you. Make sure they don’t overburden you with their criticism thinking you can impress them.
  4. In a perfect world, managers should be graded by their employees to make it fair. And keep that in mind when they are grading you, how you would grade them. If they are brutal, you could always suggest it to their bosses!!
  5. If you are merely working there to get to your goals, keep an objective mind. Let it slide off of you.
  6. If something truly needs to be fixed, be professional and fix it, if it’s just fluff on the page, ignore it. If you feel they are wrong, look higher up to make sure you are heard.

I don’t mean to sound like I don’t care, but I always pose myself these questions. If I died tomorrow, how many of these people would show up at my funeral? I can think of 1 , maybe 2 people.

Does your boss/CEO know who you are? How many kids you have? Have they ever asked what makes you tick?  Not likely. This does not mean he/she is a nasty person. Not necessarily. Actually it should put your work life into perspective.

These are all things that I keep in mind when you suddenly start getting thoughts of incompetence or feelings of inadequacies when these events come to pass.

If you are one of these lucky people who own your own company or work for an awesome boss, then you need not worry about this. If you are part of the grind that most of us are part of, where people are considered a liability and not an asset since employees are considered a cost and not money makers, it makes it hard to change their perspectives on this to see their employees as an asset that they should invest in.

Where would all their sales be without the help of the people they employ? But that is another topic completely.

Regardless, all this to say that at the end of it all, you should take some time to feel good about yourself after such events.

Talk to a friend or partner that will bolster your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. You can even tell them that you need this specifically when you call them.

Something like:

“Hey hi. I’m having a questioning self confidence kinda day here. I think I need the love and comfort of a friend and that is you! Can you help me out with this?”

Do something you enjoy? Celebrate the fact that you survived another one. Make sure your internal core values (not theirs) is still intact and thriving.

No force internal or external should be made to make you feel less than what you are. Life is too precious and short to constantly have to brace yourself for these things.

My last evaluation, I told my boss this before he even spoke. I said “Thank you for the compliments and yes I will work on whatever you deem I need work on.” I diffused it before he even started it and also to let him know that I knew what was coming.

Make sure that no matter what they grade you, you always grade yourself OUTSTANDING!

I guess with all these cost savings happening in my life, I am getting at the point where I no longer have to fear losing my employment with any job or take any of these things as personal attack of work ethic. This kind of freedom opens up doors in your life so that you can pick jobs you would rather do than the ones that pay a certain amount. I recommend for everyone to get to this point. Cause it’s really a nice place to be.

And on that note!

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