When The World Starts Feeling Like A Joke!

I won’t go into what feels like a big joke out there, because I’m bound to upset a few people.

Needless to say I pose the question to every comment and event that happens in the world with “Does this make any sense?” If it does not, I try to dismiss it or at the peril of sounding like I’m judging, just shake my head and move along.

If you take any time out of your day to look at the news, political or terror related, you can find yourself wondering where our saving graces will come from.

In these cases, I go extra hard on finding the most positive I can in this world. The people who live every day to smile or give a smile to others. Who don’t impose any beliefs on anyone.

The alternative is something I just can’t live with, to live in fear and terror. Or anger and pain about all the wrongs that I can’t make right. If I can help, then I will. If it’s after the fact, what will me sitting here adding sadness to an already sad situation do? Will me adding how atrocious this one particular event was actually help anyone? Anyone with a heart or a soul know it’s atrocious and unfair. We live in a world where it’s happening more and more every day!

Instead I would rather help the next person I serve at work with a smile. If they are too old and need help crossing the street, then I’ll do that. If they are lost and need directions, I can help them on their way. To let them go by me at the store if they have one item at the cash while I have 30. Regardless of anything else, race, creed, lifestyle they have, I can help let others know that there are some people in this world that still care.

And maybe if enough of us do this, it may stop one person from committing atrocious acts to others having been the recipient of such kindness.

That maybe it might be about just living on this planet in peace with one another instead of fighting or killing for books or writings whose authors lives have long since been extinguished (no one particular book mentioned here, I include them all).

Or people talking for nations when they have never talked to the actual individuals to see what is needed or wanted in their lives. People that are so far removed from the “little people” they spin and twist things to help themselves win popularity contests. So much so, that many lash out to their neighbors for people that will never help them in any way once the race is won. And I’m not condoning or supporting any one for the other. I think they all lack what is needed to help anyone with any real intent.

I could go on, but I choose to take care and listen to the people who read my blog, who posts in the wonderful happy groups we are all part of, with the people in my life that surround me in love.

A hug, real or virtual is of great help to me. A kind thought. A shared meal. A shared heart. A great listener. A sweet smile. A peaceful home. These are all things that I will fight and defend. The rest is just becoming white noise in my life.

And I like to think that my circle is getting bigger and wider every day. That others want to do the same so their circles start creating ripple effects that will touch others. That way we can all lead a life of gratitude and happiness and focus on that.

So one a day like today where the news is showing us what we don’t want to hear. Why not offer a kind word, a king gesture, ask someone how they are and mean it and really listen.

I have today as I always do go above being kind on such days as this and will continue, because it makes me feel better and we all need to feel so much better. Don’t you think?


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