Ask For What You Want!

Sounds simple, but who actually does it?

I’ll give you an example. You went to school to be an administrator (what they used to call it in my days or secretary) and you have a certain skill set that you are utilizing at every new job you are doing.

You are at a point in your life that you are fed up at being an administrator, so you update your resume with administrator stuff and go out there an inadvertently look at work where your skill set is best suited.

You start work at another company doing some of the same stuff you were doing before which is quite comfortable, but not really what you want. So you spend another couple of years there and then the cycle starts again.

Who else has done this? Tried to change the place without changing a thing?

But how are you supposed to change a pattern? Your resume is filled with things you are qualified for, not what you like doing, but what you are good at.

How do you change that? By going after something different. Keep your experience and work sites on your resume but change your OBJECTIVE.

So instead of the same old:

“Looking for a challenging position to utilize previous work experience
and current retraining education with an opportunity to experience and
learn new skills to succeed.”

Write it in bold letters with something like this:

“Looking to learn and develop new skills from a different type of work environment, where some or all of my past knowledge and experience could be an asset to the new organization or company I would be joining. Looking for a change.

See that! “LOOKING FOR A CHANGE”. It’s clear and precise and you sent it out there.

I’m sure it could be worded differently and with different variations, but it should feel what you are feeling right now and ask for what you want.

Tell anyone looking at your resume that you are ready for a change. That you still have all your knowledge but want more than what you already know.

It’s not a crime to want different things in life, and it’s alright to throw feelers out there to check things out. Be optimistic and enthusiastic about your abilities to do anything you want.

You never know what could be waiting just around the corner, when you least expect it.

Ask and be the change that you want in your life. It’s the only way to get what you want!

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