Angel/Demon – Nope, just Human?

For the life of me I could not understand why some people ignore you when you are part of their group or circle (could be family or friend) and then turn around to give all their attention to strangers, but I think I have finally come up with an explanation to this.There could be quite a few reasons. One as simple as they prefer the company of others over you (they simply don’t like you but can’t tell you because you are family etc…a very old friend they no longer see eye to eye with and they are too chicken to end it – even I have been guilty of this one).

But I have seen a few instances where this is not the case but then somehow they just never make the appropriate time to develop a relationship, will even book time with others openly in front of you so that you can see that person making time for others over you.It’s a little hurtful and leaves you wondering why?

I hear these people often times say, “I forgive myself and what I did to someone because I did what I had to do or all I could do at the time”. However there is a little flaw with this assessment.

I am in total agreement with forgiveness. No one should let anything eat at them internally forever, however, what if the people you have wronged are not dead and you can still develop a relationship and make peace with them by ask for forgiveness and understanding??

But I guess it might be easier to say you forgive yourself then to actually do the work required to have to listen and take ownership of one’s mistakes.

And if you have not asked forgiveness from them, would you not have to deal with that remorse of feeling it every time you see them? I guess it would be easier to ignore them most of the time instead of admitting to wrongdoing and asking for forgiveness.

So that person then builds new relationships with others… with people who know nothing of them. Not that they are all bad, but most likely the person they now project is not the person you knew. Not the Angel or Saint they seem to now portray.

I am not for breaking others illusions, we all love to reinvent and become better people. However, when you meet someone, make sure to remember that they are just people with flaws and a past just like you and me.

And no matter what they seem to you now, does not mean they are better than you. They are just working at being a better human just like the rest of us.

The thing is, if they attempted to mend fences, they could probably find peace in all their relationships.

Once ego is let go and events are resolved. Happiness and Peace can reign internally as well as what is portrayed. It’s so important! It’s vital for healing and moving forward.

Sometimes it’s less important to shield yourself from the ramifications of your actions, and just let people deal with the hurt you have caused them. Give the gift of letting them release the pain that was caused even if it was unknowingly, so you both can get a little bit of peace of mind.

Spring is in the air, why not clean out the skeletons in your closets!

Just a thought!

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