Time Change – Season Change – Just Plain Old Change!

For those of us who have to suffer through time changes, this last weekend marked another occasion where we lost an hour a day.

With that comes the instant feeling of lack of sleep and the ever wondering of why we still practice this archaic ritual.

But with it comes the beauty of getting more daylight every day. And that somehow makes life just a little more bearable.

Shortly after this means that our season will be going from Winter to Spring and you know what? Spring happens to be one of my favorite seasons. The fresh air, the budding trees, the warming weather.

It’s also a great time of year to clear out your mind, you house, your habits.

I have some vacation coming up soon and while I am on them I will be taking a break of sharing the running monologues of my mind about ideas on how to lead a happier life and more about literally sharing my everyday life with you.

I hope you enjoy the experience as seen through me sharing with you, from a few home renovations to pictures of our upcoming trip to St-Adele and Quebec City coming up soon.

So look out for it. We are starting our holidays on the 25th of this month. Can’t wait, since we are usually ON VACATION at this time (in last 3 years anyways).

We decided to stick around nearer to home this time and take them a little later in the month.

Though I swear my body knows it’s supposed to be on vacation right now and reminds me every  morning when I get ready for work.

I realized that a lot of people tend to go into a blue funk at this time of year. Almost the end of winter, almost the beginning of spring. It’s still seems like the nice days are taking forever to get here.

I know that by the time spring/summer comes around, my husband and I have lots of plans and things we decide to do (it’s like that almost every year). Most of them do not come to fruition simply because we plan on too much and don’t have enough time. This year, I decided to start a list of things I’d like to have done by the end of summer and try to keep it realistic.

We have weekends mostly, so I will be writing down the things that we could do on those starting mid April which is usually when the weather starts to get real nice.

Do you have things you’d like to see done while the nice weather is around? How about picking up a calendar and writing it down? How do you organize these beautiful days coming up?

Just remember to save some time for fun and friends! That is the most important thing!

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