Give More Than You Take!

This is a saying you have heard before, no doubt about it! I have many times. In religions, in slogans etc…

But have you ever sat and thought about it. In life, in love, in business.

How beautiful the world would be if we took far less than we give. If we gave more value than we took money.

What if bosses with companies offered real value for the money instead of always charging more to ensure they can line their pockets or increase their bottom lines.

What if they actually cared for their employees instead of seeing them as a liability because they have to pay them.

How much money is enough money, really?

In this life, there is always a way to provide services and advice to people without gouging them out of their hard earned money.

Why can’t we all take care of each other and help each other have a great and peaceful life on this blue planet.

Now more than ever, I question the value of everything I get for the dollars I spend. If I think someone is taking advantage of me, I try to figure out how to get more value and less garbage and propaganda in my life.

I no longer jump off the bridge just because the neighbor is doing it and so is the other one across the road. I ask a lot more questions and say WHY? when appropriate. And it’s appropriate many many more times than in the past.

And always give more than what you take. Make it a rule to be fair. It doesn’t mean you need to give away everything for nothing, but make sure that people get the best they can for what they get from you. Advice, services etc…

Even if it means that you may not be the richest on the block monetary wise. You will be the richest in your conscience and your soul, knowing that you are helping others in their journey and in their lives so they can go through everyday feeling you have contributed not taken away.

This before anything should be the root of all teachings in all future generations. We would all stand a real good chance in this world if every other human being was in tune to being helpful and kind.

It’s time to turn away from individuals who are trying to sell you brands that tell you that you are inferior if you do not follow he crowd. It’s a money propaganda machine that serves only one negative purpose and that is to keep the greed and money flowing in only one direction.

The truth of it is, that it is only an illusion. We are born and die without any of these material things being very important. We teach ourselves to put importance on these things through our lifetimes. To emphasize meanings where they should be emphasized on others.

We fight for ideals and thoughts that have been taught to us or told to us, and a lot of the times, they don’t even reflect who we truly are or what we want or need.

When you are able to stop the craziness of all the spending and what is considered accepted and just live to be happy; you realize that you need less and that helping others and being nice usually helps on your path of finding peace and harmony. And it usually has less to do with what is expected or taught, but more of what is felt and seeing the eyes of the other person you have truly helped.

It’s a better place to be. It’s where I want to be everyday.

What do you think? Have any of your high priced possessions ever brought you any lasting happiness? Or has an unselfish act brought you more?

Maybe it’s time to shift perceptions and map out a different life.


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