Live The Heck Out Of Every Day!

Days will come and go! Do you take every minute and make it your own?

Are you at a job where you are not really happy? Are there elements that you really like, or people you really enjoy working with? Are there customers that make you smile? Do parts of your work make you feel fulfilled?

We all have to put up with stuff we don’t especially love, but it doesn’t mean that all of it is all awful.

The trick of it is this; you need to find the good, the feeling that makes everyday worth it. Take the extra minute it takes to make your immediate surroundings a better place for you.

When you take the time to switch the place you are at from a bad space to a good one by switching your mindset, you can instantly make a trying day into a better one. It’s something I really had to practice this week.

I like to stop and slow it down a little and really pay attention to a task or person just a little bit more. Take the time to speak and do stuff at a better rhythm to make the task or the person have more meaning. Chat a bit more. Ask about plans or ideas. You’d be surprised how some come right out of their shells when you egg them on just a litte bit.

The questions you ask should give your attention to them in the best of ways. Wait for the answers and listen carefully. Make sure the person is completely done before you start speaking again if needed.

I find that when I finally get them where they are actively listening is when they stop in front of me and their body language changes. They turn towards you and even give you more eye contact. You finally start to connect with someone instead of just seeing them in passing. Try to make a full connection with a complete conversation and that doesn’t mean it has to be long, just actively connected. We feel so disconnected today because we don’t take the time to actually talk to people. With a mentality of NEXT!

Next thing, next person. We live in our minds in such misery, we sometimes forget to focus on the good.

FOCUS on the good stuff. Change the bad if you can, or just dismiss it if it’s not that crucial. Sometimes the worst stuff we dwell on doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things.

Again, different situations warrant different reactions. I am not speaking of any types of abuse or life altering bad stuff. I’m speaking of the every day stuff that aggravates us, makes us uncomfortable because it’s not exactly what we expected or want.

Sometimes a shift of perspective in your head is all that it takes to help you switch your mind from bad to good.

Try it now. Are you at work or at home? Instead of thinking of the annoying stuff, what do you like about it? Is the coffee good there? Is there someone at your break that you enjoy spending time with? Is there a view from your window that you like? A certain someone that is kind and makes you smile? Is there a time of day or task that you really like? Remember when it was all new and remember why you loved being at home or at work? And how can you make it better? How can you bring more happy in your life?

With that I leave you all to have an excellent day!



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  1. What I do, is send waves of love to the person I am speaking with. Even if it’s a stranger, don’t worry love is Universal!!!!


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