Have Faith! You are Loved and Supported!

Yesterday, I had to deal with the fact that I dropped the ball.It’s neither pleasant or fun to realize that you have done something to contribute to a problem when you should have been able to help.

I felt so bad for not having caught others mistakes that I soon sank in a hole of black. In my darkness, I did notice a few things outside of myself.

First, I realized I had people who refused to believe I played a part in anything in this situation. They had so much faith in my abilities, they were even saying after I would admit to probably being involved, “Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect! Give yourself a break!”

From my co-worker, to my husband, to my mom, to my kids. All saying the same thing.

Didn’t help me much since I felt disappointed in myself. They so didn’t want me to be so hard on myself and wanted me to just take it easy. I was very grateful but still not convince the day could be saved from my big dark black hole (the one I put myself into).

Then I had beautiful friend that I love come by and see if I was alright when she herself is going through so much more than I could ever imagine going through.

I instantly stopped feeling sorry for myself and wanted to be an ear for her. I wanted to be the hope she needs to believe that miracles and happy endings come true. And that nothing is really over until the fat lady sings.

I then later had an awesome conversation with my husband about things he rarely talks about and saw a shift in his perspective last night. Along with being supportive, he somehow let go and was just content and easy with everything.

I stopped internalizing and realized that life with my little hiccups were just that. I was lucky enough to have a support system in and out of my house of people who believe in me implicitly. That makes me a very lucky person.

But I also realized that every single person have their own crosses to bear and situations that can knock them off their feet. Some even so much worse than mine. It has the double benefit of being good for you because while you are busy listening to someone else, you can take a break of being in your head running around in circles and that can give you a fresh perspective once you do come back to it.

I found that after all of that and a good nights sleep, that a glitch had in fact seemed to have contributed to the misunderstandings. But I had to step away from it to realize what had happened.

Are you able to get out of your head and just look around to see what others you love and know are going through? Are you able to get out of your own life for a moment and be good to someone else?

Remember you get what you give. If you are good to people, stands to reason they will be good to you!

Hope you have some great goodness coming your way!

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