Pick Your Posse!

Let’s face it, some days you just have to do it. There is no way around it.

So go ahead and do it. You need to feel better and I understand. Feel like you have been slapped in the face by someone. You don’t need to immediately react, but what you do need is someone to help you get through the initial hurt, anger etc.

For me, it’s usually my husband. I call him and ask him to help me. Ask him to help my sanity. So I vent and then he tells me I’m great and beautiful and wonderful. And I instantly feel better. My boys do it for me too.

I call them my posse. We talk and say “Screw them all, they don’t deserve you!” “Yah, you rock and they suck”. Regardless of the situation, they are the ones who will always be on your side.

And you know what, you need those people to save you from those doom feelings that can make your day go real bad in an instant.

You can later look at these things with a different perspective and see where you want to go with the event or situation, but these special people are there to help you get over that hump. Get over the initial betrayal, anger.

And if they do their part right, they can usually make you feel like you are gold.

And gold is good. Gold is shiny and bright and valuable.

Make sure to pick your posse well. Remember, they are there for your cheer leading purpose, but you must remember that you will also have to be their posse at some point. This relationship can only work if you share the wealth. A support system.

I know I love my posse and could not do it without them? Do you have that special someone or people who you look to when you need a lift? Do you return the favor?

Keep your chins up!


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