It All Starts With Gratitude!

Reading up on how to better invest our money in the coming years, I have found one piece of advice that resounds loud and clear.Most people who have abundance in their lives… live in gratitude.

And not only that, they actually tell you that is how you get abundance and money in your life.

You need to be grateful for everything you have, even when you don’t have that much. It starts right there. If you don’t have that, it can make it hard to get anything else.

I believe this since I really think that it’s been working for me. I am finding more peace and love in my life since living being grateful for everything.

I still have trying days, some very trying days. Sometimes I wonder wow, this is not shaping up to be a great day but then things fall back into place and I feel better.

It’s not so much having a bad day, but knowing that things can and will get better. By turning the negatives in your mind you set yourself up to have a better day. And you invite the positives back in.

I believe it is the key to almost anything, by believing that anything can become an opportunity for happiness, joy or even money (abundance of any kind), you are leaving yourself open to a mindset that allows you to explore things.

If you are grateful for what you have, you end up attracting more of that into your life. If you practice the act of always being needy, you will always be needy.

I hope you have started your journey to gratitude. I can honestly say I have and since surrounding myself on social media with people who share the same ideology of being GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING, my year for 2016 has been very positive. I no longer cringe at looking at news feed wondering what kind of drama will be there. I have noticed that abundance is slowly but surely giving me more peace of mind and infiltrating itself into my life as in deals, savings and good advice and happier people.

People still have bad days as I do, but instead choose to try and keep it positive to help themselves and look onto others to help them keep their happy days happy.

The other advice I am hearing a lot is to share your abundance, whatever that may be. You happiness, your food, your love and that will also attract more to you.

As the snow stops and the sun comes out, I wish you all the happiest of days, and a constant sense of gratefulness to bring you all you wish for, happiness, joy and abundance.


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