Change in Seasons!

We are quickly approaching one of my favorite seasons.Spring is for me the renewal after a long winter. It’s the fresh air, the spring smells of buds and mud and rain.

It’s my favorite time of year. I love the fact it’s going to get warmer and that life will slowly return.

The greens are about to reappear. It’s beautiful to see the earth renew itself. And it’s the best part of having to endure the winter. We get a glorious show of colors each spring and fall.

You know that feeling on the first beautiful spring day. Wearing your spring jacket, the bulky winter garments put aside. Cute little spring boots and the sun’s heat actually heating your face. Yes you know exactly what I mean.

We are getting an early blast of warm weather apparently in our area for the next two weeks and I can’t say that I ‘m not happy about it. I look forward to the longer days, the clocks giving us an extra hour of daylight. Don’t forget to change you clocks next weekend (not this one). Spring Forward.

To see the white stuff being replaced by the green stuff until a beautiful summer is upon us and long evenings are spent in the gazebo with good food, good drink and fabulous friends.

I can’t wait for kayaking and beautiful warm nights spent by the campfire. And spring is the one who begins it for all of us.

Winter is not always so much fun to deal with, especially when the sun disappears for long periods of time, but just like in life, you appreciate the light a lot more when you have lived in the dark.  It’s one of the benefits of living where the seasons change. You get to miss your favorite seasons!

And remember to enjoy them all. If you live to 75, if we only live to 75 (let’s hope we live til 90) that means you only live to see 75 of each seasons. I think it always puts it into perspective. So make them count!

As another cold sunny day of -21 is upon us today, I look at the forecast of +10 sometime next week as I  hope that spring is as anxious as all of us to make her appearance!

Until then, have a great day!


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