What It Means To Be Cared For!

Well yesterday was by far the worst day of year health wise for me. I woke up and was instantly faced with stomach cramps that quickly escalated to being very sick. There is a stomach thing going around and I guess my number came up.I took medications for the pain, however, it becomes evident that the greatest challenge there was to keep it down long enough for it to be effective.

So 2 hours later, the bathroom rounds had subsided, I felt very weak but realized that I still needed to get to work to open up the office since the only other person there with me is currently on vacation. So I’m it… for this week anyways.

My younger son had gotten up to help me since I was feeling awful and helped me up and out, looking very concerned with my leaving, and watched carefully as I went.

I knew I had to try to at least make a showing to open up the office. I didn’t feel like running a marathon but knowing I could sit most of the day helped.

Then the greatest things started to happen. A manager from another office showed up to see if I was alright and stayed with me awhile to make sure I could handle the rest of the day. This manager is usually so busy with so much all the time, I was very grateful that he took the time to do it. He handled a few of my immediate problems and when I asked if he could get me my small but necessary lunch (since my very empty stomach and pills were not helping at this point), he not only went to get it for me, he bought my lunch.

I managed to get through my day, not easy as I was starting to wilt by the end of it. My husband showed up at my job and did his customary check on me as he usually does. Asked if there was anything I needed, other than a new tummy.

By the time I made it home, he had made me some green juice (with all kinds of veggies like kale and beets etc..) with anti inflammatory properties and made me a small piece of fish as to keep me going. He then went upstairs and drew me a bath with Epsom salts and lavender, also anti inflammatory in nature so I could feel better.  Did I mention that he had suffered this bad stomach as well but just thought he was having an off week. So even with him not being at 100%, he took the time to care for me. (Lucky girl right here).

Oh and no, you can’t have him. He’s mine. 🙂

Both sons came down later to keep me company and make me smile. And although I could still feel the definite hurt in my tummy as I lay down, I felt like the most cherished person on the face of the planet.

No moving mountains or diamond rings, just small caring gestures that made me cry later thinking of how lucky I am.

I’m not saying that my life is perfect, since when you focus on the positive some people enjoy calling you fake, however, for what was probably the worst day body wise in 2016, I found myself feeling very cherished and grateful for the people who surrounded me.

Sometimes, even if there is nothing else they can do, just the act of caring and the simplest things like a bath, a drink, a hug, someone who simply cares can make you feel so much better when you are at your lowest point.

I am so grateful for yesterday. Still quite sore today, but about 60% better. The sun is shining and I know tomorrow I will be even better. It makes it easier to smile and be nice to the world.

I was still to quite a few people who did not care and still only take care of their own needs without offering any help of any kind, and some just be down right nasty on the phone to me minutes before I was to close the office, because some people feel the need to make someone’s life a living hell whether they are responsible or not.

All I could think is how small their worlds must be. Because they purposely take away from themselves by not offering of themselves to others. The worse part is they think they are getting away with not having to take time for anyone else.

I have to feel sorry for them, because maybe one day, as they sit by themselves with no help because of their lack of caring (what goes around comes around), they may understand the meaning of their actions. I hope for their sake that nice people such as the ones I have are around to help them the way they were here to help me yesterday. I really hope it for them.

All I know is that I am no better than anyone on this planet, but I seem to be very lucky these days for being surrounded by bighearted people. And as I have been saying and keep repeating. I am very grateful. So very very grateful.

Thank you to everyone who takes a moment to help someone else. You may think it’s nothing, but for that person, it just maybe everything!



  1. Talking about nasty one, I could not agree more 😦 Today I will go outside for a nice sunny walk. Have been stuck in the house since last Friday with a bad bad cold, but almost back now to 100 % . Husband also with cold but less less bad. See you soon and take care ! xox

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