My Favorite Paintings And Why I Like Them!

I went to a showing of Monet Art at a nearby gallery a couple of weeks ago. And although I love to see what others have created in time, I find the works of art I prefer are either nature shots or art depicting the human condition.

As I started researching all the art I really love, I realized there was a recurring theme. I’m going to leave out nature since I know you all know how much I love those pictures since they take up most of my Instagram and Facebook page, so it goes without saying that I love these, especially the ones I experience for myself.

But for these I will concentrate on the human connection.

I have the picture of Romeo and Juliet you see down below on my writing desk from Sir Bernard Frank Dicksee painted in 1884.

When I was first given this print I would sit there looking at it without knowing who they were, but always so mesmerized by the lips that almost touched, and whether it was the dusk or the dawn. Was he leaving or arriving?

I concluded that it was a lover leaving after a night of love with the lady. I came to this conclusion looking at her face. Only a woman whose spent some real lovemaking time with a lover can have that kind of look and the sky gave me the impression that the sun was about to rise.

So the artist for me did successfully convey his painting since the rendition is what it seems, depicting Romeo leaving Juliet after their wedding night.

The lingering kiss, the hand that wants to disengage her to leave, but is hesitating for just one more touch, one more kiss. Bliss.




Here’s one I really love from Pierre Auguste Cot called Springtime done in 1873. It brings out my inner young girl, bringing forth the stirrings of that first love. The boy in the picture seems a bit older and gentle in the looks he returns to the exuberant young girls bashful advances. The swing reminds me of the fluttery feeling you get in your stomach when swinging high and how it can be compared to the fluttering feelings of love. I always wondered if he actually gave her that first kiss?

The butterflies, the light invading the cradling forest shade all makes for a lovely picture.


This one is from Pierre Auguste Renoir, painted in 1883. Although they have said that the couples he painted were in joyous surroundings, the couples always seemed to look unhappy. I never got that impression from this painting. Although the lady in the picture seems a bit distracted, I always got the impression that the gentleman is very intense in his gaze to the lady. Their hold on each other is nothing that could be described as stand-offish. Having been told this myself, there are some people who are uncomfortable with a lovers intensity when it come to their gazes. And if anything I get the impression that she is shying away from this gaze. This reminds me of the intensity you can feel from love.


The last one I will talk about today is Frederic William Burton and his Hellelil and Hildebrand, The Meeting on The Turret Stairs, 1900.

It tells a story of ill fated lovers that I won’t really get into here. After all, I rarely know the stories when I first start looking at paintings. From this one, I saw a passion unspoken or even hidden. A longing to touch to be together, but somehow it not being possible. Needless to say that the passion they felt was hard to deny and from this depicts impossible to ignore. You can almost feel the desperation and the need for touch as he caresses her arm as they meet in the stairs. I have to say I was quite taken with this picture when I first saw it.


I find I have always been attracted to these images more than anything else for the simple reason that you can really feel the human condition, not with words, but with imagery, body language and expressions of longing, love and intensity.

It is truly a gift that I appreciate and can relate to when it comes to my passions in life.

Have you ever found yourselves exploring and observing things? Do they bring forth lovely emotions of your own human condition?


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  1. My dear friend, one of your painting is also one that I like a lot…..”Les danseurs de Bougival” de Renoir. I got a print at a showing of Renoir many years ago at the same gallery you went for Monet. Very special !

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