How To Be Weatlhy of Mind…

Ever wonder how wealthy people do it! Here are some tricks I think might help you out!

  1. Change your negative speech to a more positive one.
  2. Be disciplined. People with more have patience when it comes to acquiring things while the poor always get whatever they want whenever it strikes them, leaving them in debt.
  3. Find your opportunity in everything. Look at everything in your life as an way to grow, to save, to have fun, to become rich.
  4. Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen. You create your happy life and your wealth by going after it.
  5. Be driven to succeed. Don’t just expect for things to succeed without any help from you. Persist until it is in your grasp.
  6. Give your best to get the best.
  7. Be responsible for yourself and your life. If you do something wrong, fix it, apologize for it and learn from it then carry on.
  8. Limit your exposure to media and naysayers until you are well on your way to gaining your success. There are so many more influences in all medias to make you feel less than what you are, so stay away from them.
  9. Your thoughts dictate your future. Think of success, happiness and wealth and you will draw them to you.
  10. It’s nice to have dreams but only people who have specific goals can ensure they can make their dreams come true. Set a goal and a date and the sky is limit.

And remember if you don’t make your dreams come true, most likely you are working for someone who hired you to make theirs come true. Be your own leader instead of a follower.

Also remember that not everyone will support your gumption in making things happen in fear that it will change you or because of envy/jealousy. You have to get past that and also forgive them for it, but don’t let them discourage you from your path.

Some people will tell you money is the root of all evil. It does not need to be. It can help you find peace and give peace if you use it correctly.

The idea is to get to a point in your life that you don’t need to take a vacation from your life to be happy in your life. So that you can live you life happy every day!



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