Grateful Thoughts on A Sunday Night!

Sometimes all you can be is grateful for the life you had. No reflection or trying to figure out how you got here. Just pure gratefulness for the moment. This was the case of what happened to me yesterday.I spent a wonderful and lazy Sunday with my husband. We got up and had coffee and chit-chatted about life, our upcoming trip, our plans for the summer.

They had announced pretty nasty weather in our area that we never really ended up getting, but with the forecast in mind we had decided to stay home after getting all our stuff done on Saturday and got ready to settle in for a snow day.

We went about our daily chores, some cooking and tidying of boxed stuff that I had packed up from a month before as mentioned in my book “Peaceful Living in A Clean Space”.

The day went by easily and we just kind of all spent our time together all doing our own thing separately but still very much all together.

It was about 7 p.m. that I sat at my desk to start writing that I realized what a peaceful and wonderfully quiet day we all had together.

I listened to the wind howl outside as the fire made snapping noises in my wood burning stove and I suddenly felt very warm in the glow of my lamp thinking how grateful I was to be sitting in a warm home with my family near by.

And the best feeling in the world was with me at that moment and I realized that right then and there, I was right where I wanted to be.

I wasn’t researching something, trying to figure out something, getting into my psyche or digging up feelings or the past etc… I was right there in the moment. Just slowly moving along my day, feeling comfortable, content and happy.

How boring? and blessedly peaceful!

Have you ever had that perfect moment when you felt totally at peace and happiness just completely took you over? Where were you? Were you amazed by what made you feel that way?

If you have such a moment, don’t hesitate to share it!


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