Do Not Question Your Talents (exclamation point)

You are talented (exclamation point) Yes you are (exclamation point) So am I (exclamation point) We all are (period) We all have something we are good at (period) We all have that special something we do that brings us happiness (comma) that we excel at like that’s a right fit when you do it (period)Are we always perfect at our talents (interrogation point) Well (comma) sometimes no (period) Sometimes we need to exercise it for awhile to get better (period)

I know as a writer (comma) I am not anywhere near perfect (period) Thats That’s for sure (period) After all (comma) so many things can go wrong (period) I don’t like punctuation much (comma) so I tend to be sloppy sometimes(..,,,!!!;; yuk!) I know one of my editors will laugh at that (period) It’s a complete lack of caring in that department that can make my writing sound like a 4 year old wrote it (period) I assure you (comma) you better add a 5 after that 4 (period)

And I absolutely hate editing for errors (period) See I type extra fast (comma) so my mind reads out and my hands try to follow (period) Sometimes it’s accurate (comma) but most of the time (a) few words get left out (period)

There is a bunch of stuff that my reading critics ( I’m sure this is too much so I’m taking it out) would attest have seen me do that was super bad (comma) and that’s alright (comma) but the fact of the matter is (comma) I am not trying out for a spelling bee or going through any kind of grammar testing (period) I am conveying my inner thoughts (period) And they do not have any commas when I am thinking them (period) (I’m sure part or all of that was a runaway sentence (period))

If I can get my thoughts across and something I say can make you smile (comma) I feel better for imparting or teaching you something that will add value to your life (highlighted for important thought in this blog) (comma) then I have succeeded at  in my task (period)

I do agree that the flow of a sentence should be the most important thing in a blog-post (period)

And for the most part (comma) I try to keep it simple and flowy (according the dictionary not a word but I’m keeping it)(period) OK OK (comma) flowing (period)

The thing I am desperately trying to impart here (and I do want this blog to end since it’s really irritating writing every single punctuation or mistake…wahhh) is that you should not let the fact that you are imperfect mess up your perfect gift (period)

There will be kind critics (comma) and they should be listened to and appreciated for their careful remarks (period) After all (comma) they are trying to help you out (period)

After all (comma)  (repeated so deleted) Your passion is not always their passions (comma) and I try to keep that in mind when I am making a remark about something someone has created (period)

I try to keep any comments (except for very positives ones and supportive) nil unless it’s absolutely necessary (period)

And never let kind comments or even not so kind ones for that matter deter you or make you feel like you (are) imperfect or not worthy of your gift (period) We all know the voice in your head can do that enough for you already(period)

So write (comma) sew (comma) bake (comma) design (comma) do whatever you feel passionate about (period) And keep doing it with all the confidence in the world (period) Don’t let anything or anyone deter you (comma) bad, good or even yourself from that wonderful feeling that you get when you are finally doing what you were meant to do (exclamation point)


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