What To Do With Failures!

That is a good question and all subject to perception!First of all, was it really a failure. Is losing your job or not getting something you thought you wanted a failure?

Was there a grander and better thing on the horizon for you and you needed to be stopped here so you could to reap that reward elsewhere later? Maybe.

Are your failures, really failures? When I first started to write, I wrote a fiction novel. Unfortunately, I did not know much about the self publishing world and sold very few of this book. Mostly to friends and family who were awesome and supportive, but pretty much a dud after that. I wrote it so long ago and never imagined I would ever see it in print.

Was this a failure? Maybe I thought so at the beginning, but as time went on and I started this blog and wrote other books, I suddenly realized that I write because I love it.

It would be super cool if I could retire on the money I make, but if I can’t that’s alright, because I don’t really need to. Why do I write? To be a millionaire? Not really.  That would be a bonus, but not really why I do it. I do it for the accomplishment of doing something I am compelled to do. It is the music inside myself that wanted and still wants to be shared.

I put my recent books out there to share my accomplishments and the ” how to ” for anyone who wants to take the path my husband and I have taken to happiness and peace of mind. And these things are in line with our successes in my life, regardless if they make the top 100 lists or bestsellers or not.

So what have you considered failures in your life and were they really failures in the end or were they simple stepping stones to other, better things? And if you think about it, were your failures really failures after all?

Don’t lose the lesson or the message in all of these because I assure you that you need more of what is being taught than anything else you think you might need from your experiences in life. It’s guiding you to a life that means more.

So celebrate your downs as well as your ups. They are there to help you be who you need to be to be happy!

Is saving money always on your priorities list of things to do, but somehow you can never get to it because you keep running out of time. Here’s a step by step of how we saved money over the course of a year to give ourselves more breathing room to pay down some debt and just have a bit of cash for stuff we wanted to spend it on without digging ourselves further into debt.

If our journey interest you, my book is available for purchase from Payhip and Amazon for any country. Just click on the picture below and it will bring you to the payhip site.

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