Get Excited!

Remember as a kid, how excited you would get when things would happen? How many of us keep that awe inspiring excitement as we get older? Not too sure what that answer is. But I’m willing to bet it’s not that many.

We get happy about going somewhere and experience it somewhat, but for myself even we started to travel I would go to a place, but not truly experience it 100% with the excitement that I wanted.

I would keep it kinda regulated and under control. Take lots of pictures and then most of the time, after would sit down and realize some part of me had lost the experience.

It kept happening and it was getting to be quite annoyed by it. Only after did it happen did I get real happy about it.

Why could I not be in the moment? I realized it was for a few reasons.

First one was that I had taken so long to plan everything that by the time it came around I was so exhausted I just wanted to get on with it.

Secondly, part of me never stopped long enough to really appreciate all that I had planned to see. I packed so much stuff into everything, it was hard to just stand and enjoy it.

Last vacation was not spectacular by any stretch of the imagination. Compared to the last couple of years, we traveled to Florida, by the ocean. But something amazing happened. I didn’t plan much for the 5 days we were there, so I would get up, get dressed quickly with coffee and stand in front of the water and did nothing. Just sipped and watched… then I would go back in and grab my camera and just walk on the beach while no one was there yet and enjoy the birds…the sun through the clouds….the sand between my toes…no agenda…no rush…just being in the moment.

Even watching the boys go to a race track with small cars brought me excitement and giggly girl laughter would erupt out of me as I watched them go round and round.

Something else started to happen after that. I started feeling like it was alright for me to get excited about stuff. Get excited about writing, about clearing my house, about saving money, about retiring early, about living in general.

I think about just the fact that as I get older I am realizing that our time here is finite, I need to make sure that I am capable of experiencing the stuff that really matters.

Like the awesome child-like excitement of life and to help create wonderful moments, whether it’s a day at the mall or a trip to Quebec City.

So go discovering, even it’s just by chance and even if it’s in your own back yard. Find the magic in things and then enjoy them.

Grab a fall leaf and observe it’s colors. Take a picture of the setting sun but sit there after and really enjoy it. Hang on to a smile from a loved one and make sure that feeling stays. Go stand in a old town and let it take you back in time.

Regardless of what you are you doing, it’s so important to never lose the excitement and magic in all things. It’s like anything else. The more you take your time to enjoy everything, the more you will learn to do it all the time and the less you will have to remind yourself to live and enjoy in the moment.

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