How to Keep Your Best of Intentions!

Ever wake up on a Monday morning before going to work and have the best of intentions to have a fabulous week? I do, every single week. How long does that last for you? Do you find yourself a victim of others schedules and screw ups until it becomes Monday afternoon and you simply cannot keep that promise to yourself and end up wanting to pull your hair out of head?

Hey don’t feel bad, it happens to me all the time. I won’t lie and say I am perfect at battling this every week. That would be an all out lie. Some weeks feel as if I just got out barely alive.

But the thing is, I keep trying and so should you. DON’T GIVE UP! If you start your week with a smile, try to keep it as long as you can.

1. Sing or humm a favorite tune when you start feeling like it’s slipping away. This alone can make you more relaxed and happy.

2. Take a few mental breaks and go to where you are the happiest. For me there is so much, my birthday weekend was so calm and happy, my trips of the past, the ocean, my boys making me laugh so hard I can’t breathe. These are all things I can use to take me out of the drowning (as I call it now). *Please take note: Do not daydream if you are driving or operating equipment, never a good idea. Make sure you are somewhere safe, even the bathroom if you absolutely to disconnect.

3. If you do lose your peace and quiet. Regain it quickly. It’s like a knotty prickly rope you are holding on to. Let go of it as quickly as you can to minimize the damage and realize that you can only do what you can. Take one moment or task at a time.

4. Set boundaries. You may not love your job, but need it to pay the essentials. You may not hate your job either, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be dumped on or taken advantage of or even talked down to. I’ve been told people can tell by my face if I’m unhappy. I used to think it was something I needed to fix. Thing is, if you are a nice person, chances are you will never see that ugly face. Get on my nerves and it’s at your own risk. I am glad I have this habit. It ensures that certain people know my boundaries, for believe it or not some look for weakness to manipulate. If you cause me grief then you deserved to get my looks.

5. Take everything as it comes and set a determined way of thinking that nothing will end if you don’t get it all done right now. Do one thing at a time and do it well and then move on to the next thing. Take pride in your work and do not, I repeat do not start racing so frantically that you are putting the cart in front of the horse. Your health will be the biggest to pay for it and even if you are able to deal with stress right now, does not mean you will be able to handle that kind of stress for the rest of your life. Your body has a way of manifesting these things to let you know you need to change something.

Look, I’m not a professional life coach, but as time goes on, I realize that the things I put so much emphasis and crisis on are really not that important. I was causing myself so much unneeded stress over so many things.

Give your best to the moments that matter and let go quickly of things that will never really matter in the scheme of things. You know deep down that I’m right. Just think about it for a minute. Take your best memories or people and think of them. It should be all clear to you what really matters. And when you do that, it helps let you go of the things you don’t need quickly and more and more easily every time.

And isn’t living a peaceful and joyful existence what we all want?


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