The Words “I love you” and how you use it…

Noticed today that many people use the words “I love you” when they sign off with someone or at the end of a call.You have to admit, it sounds much better than “Goodbye”. But I have noticed how people use it.

As for me I am the lucky recipient of a slow “LOVE YOU BB” when my husband is ready to sign off. Although he squeaks the “BB” part that drives me a bit batty, I love the fact that he places a big importance of how he says it.

But I have noticed that some say it between their teeth! Some say it so quick it’s like they are trying to get rid of it or get on with it.

Then some whisper it so low that it’s obvious it makes them uncomfortable.

I love you. Means so much at the beginning of a relationship. The words we long and wait to hear when you first feel that fluttering of emotion for someone.

When you first say it, you say it as a gift of your heart to the new person in your life, to let them know the importance they hold for you.

As the relationship goes on, you say probably less it in special moments, but for a lot of people it’s used as a salutation at the end of a conversation.

My problem with this is not the fact that it’s used as such, but that it’s abused in the way it’s spoken. Goodbye and I love you are not the same thing. If you should use I love you in any form or way, I think you should be proud and emphasize it. After all, it still means the same thing as when you first used it. Your telling that person that you love them and making a point to end the conversation saying it so they never forget.

Muttering it at the end of a conversation in a hurry makes the saying sound so generic and kinda sad. I ‘d rather hear a “Goodbye my love” that was heartfelt than a quick and curt “I love you” OR “love you too, bye”.

It’s a personal observation on this fine Monday with the great winter sun out and about.

What do you think? Are you happy with “I love you” in any way as long as you get one. Or would you rather the person take his/her time when the words are spoken? As I said, I am one of the lucky ones. My husband always takes his time when it comes to that line.

Hearing the person in front of me mutter quickly. “Yah, love you too” and a quick disconnect. I think I might have to check myself to make sure I don’t do that to my loved ones, cause I know they mean a lot more to me than how that sounded.

Have you taken the time to show someone love today!


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