The Fun About The Sun!

Beyond the fact that everyone is always telling you to stay out of the sun or cover up or get sunblock! The Sun has gotten a bad rap for causing cancer, but it still remains the best way to get your Vitamin D in. And with proper protection can be good for you and does wonders for your morale.

Here are the top 5 reasons the sun is so awesome:

  1. It makes you happier. The sun is the most common reason that morale is boosted. If you don’t think so, try going through a long Canadian winter. We live for when the sun shows up again, even when it’s cold. It’s received with great relief.
  2. Vitamin D. It’s become a buzz in the last few years and with studies that in places such as mine where the sun takes a break in winter, we suffer from lack of Vitamin D. This vitamin is good for bones all the way to our hearts. So it’s important to try and get enough.
  3. The Sun is showing impressive results in helping decrease other kinds of cancers. Probably because the Vitamin D helps keep us healthier.
  4. Seeing the sun makes you want to spend more time outdoors. We tend to flock outside to let our faces take in the rays. It feels good to get your sun on, which in turn helps with staying active.
  5. Finally, getting enough sun helps your body regulate your sleep patterns. Our bodies work on an internal clock that lets us know when it’s time to wake and sleep. With gray winter days, it sometimes gets a bit off since we all know on those days we just want to hibernate under the blankets (which is normal), but tends to mess us our sleep patterns.

So get some sun and you’ll see, it will help you feel better, stay healthier and smile a little bit more. I know it makes me happy knowing that in a few months, it will make a more permanent return. Nothing better than that big yellow ball in the sky to uplift your spirit.

Hope you are having a sunny day wherever you may be!

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