How to Find Peace of Mind! Sick Day Fund!

I stayed home today! My tummy was bad and I felt just awful…some indigestion etc…And when I looked outside there was a ton of snow falling and another ton forecast for the rest of the day!In days before I would force myself to go out there and work. It’s just something I was born with. It’s nasty out there, I feel bad, doesn’t matter. Suck it up buttercup and get out there.

Why? Because I was thought a real good work ethic from my parents (they did the same). And secondly, I never had enough money to take a single day off. Had to work when I was supposed to and saving the sick days for some real sickness. You know the crippling throwing up pain that stops you from physically moving and going to work.

But when I woke this morning and felt awful, I just looked outside and thought. Nope, I can’t do this today. And I didn’t. Even when I sent a text saying I felt off and got a simple “K” in response. Not a “take care of yourself” or “no problem”. I simply turned around in bed and went quickly back to sleep. Not a single feeling of guilt.

Why? Is it because I don’t care? No of course not. I still believe I should do my very best when I can. The thing is, it doesn’t feel as crucial as it used to. I don’t need to feel responsible for everyone anymore. I can take care of myself and sometimes take the needed time to heal or rest instead of pushing myself to do more as I used to.

Or is it because I don’t need the money? I still need money since I still have debt. Actually, it’s the fact that I have a lot more leeway now even if I miss a day’s wages. And that feels pretty nice. Not having that weight. I’m figuring the more it goes the better it will get. So that working for a living becomes a personal choice and not a prison sentence like I’m sure it feels for so many.

And anyone telling me differently can look up the burnout percentages in countries to see what I’m talking about. Stressed out people, stuck, without being able to get out. Nothing worse than feeling stuck even at the best of jobs.

Not trying to make anyone feel worse for being in those situations, just trying to bring forth the idea that we all have a choice. You can put a bit aside if nothing else to make a rainy day fund. For that one day where you think you just simply can’t do it today.

Everyone talks about emergency funds which should equivalent 3 months worth of expenses, and that is alright. When you are living from paycheck to paycheck those goals can seem a bit lofty.

But what I am talking about here is an Emergency DAY Fund.

Save up the amount of money you would need to take a single day off. That day where you need to feel the need for a way out. Take a few paychecks to do it if you need to, but put it aside to help you be able to have that day to take care of yourself. To sleep in, let you body heal when you are not completely yourself. Like in my case today to lay with my blanket and take care of my tummy who decides to do this to me every once in a while, instead of having to drive in a snow storm which no doubt would have made me feel worse.

I would in no way want to take advantage of putting anyone out especially if they are relying on me, and that is not what I am promoting here. I happen to know that today would not be the worse day to take off and because of the weather, my office partner would probably prefer not going out in the storm, as he usually is out on the road. My being out will force him to stay put and is that really a bad thing? Probably not on a day like this one.

I will be able to catch things up tomorrow and hopefully feel a whole lot better. Here’s hoping.

So time to make yourself a priority. Take inventory and make plans to save up for a sick day. It’s worth it. Trust me on this. And if you can save up for more than one day, you can end up having a nice little cushion or even build up to that emergency fund. So start today. Ten bucks, twenty and put it away. Call it your “Healing Me” fund. Start small and see the big payoff of being able to take care of yourself.




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