It’s So Hard Sometimes! Dealing With The Nuttiness!

Ever find yourself wanting to yell at people for being frankly completely insane. Situations that should be simple get complicated and you sit in your corner, a recipient of total unneeded confusion and chaos created by emotions or because some thrive on this stuff to live, and you’re thinking “OMG… Please get me outta here!”

And as much as you don’t want to react, it becomes like someone poking at you constantly that at one point you say. ENOUGH! Get a grip and figure it out. And if it’s not too much trouble, as far away from me as possible.

Like for example, if it’s cold outside and you need gloves, should you not take gloves with you instead of freezing your hands. Yes? Or will you day after day, call someone to take gloves to you, wasting their time and yours by not keeping a pair of gloves with you.

This is just a very simple example (and a fictitious situation) that basically represents the same stuff I have to put up with everyday.

It’s simple common sense, but seems to escape many these days.

As I sit and watch the craziness around me, I first send out a wish to the universe that will offer me a way out of this work life. Then I know I must deal with it today, so my only recourse is to find my peace. I know in years past I tried to make sense to these situations, only to realize that explaining stuff to these people is like asking an ant to turn into a mountain lion. If they don’t get it now, chances are they won’t understand it even if you explain it to them with pictures.

So I am left with my little world of chaos created by others. I can’t really escape it.

I could quit and lord knows I have thought of it really seriously at many intervals in my work life. But I have things to do to get to where I am traveling to. Just thinking of my journey so far is enough to lower the degrees of aggravation right there.

If you have these moments, I suggest having a plan. A plan of OUT or DIFFERENT. Don’t just work aimlessly from paycheck to paycheck without an OUT strategy of some kind. This will only bring on feelings of being trapped and suffocated. And that is never good and unfortunately the way we all are nowadays.

I have this picture in my mind of every morning beginning with a great cup of coffee and some writing. By the water, by the lake, by a meadow or even by my window. A warm pair of slippers, my hair up and my glasses at the end of my nose. Having the freedom of doing research on my next book, my next novel and sharing my thoughts. It brings me such comfort and I can see this all happening as clear as if I was there. I hold on to that image. I realize that when we get to this point I will have a few dollars in the bank and we will be self sufficient. Not rich, but enough to be well without worries.

As I feel my blood pressure drop another few points, I know this feeling will get me through my day as I watch one person rush out and leave me to chaos to bring the others gloves to him. I take one person, one task at a time with peace knowing that this is only temporary. I have a plan. I have a goal. I am getting there. I review all that we have done so far and if we are on track. I give myself the tap on the shoulder for doing something that will get me out of this nuttiness.

What are you passionate about? Are you making your way to your perfect destination? Can you picture yourself right now and re-enforce your dreams by letting them make you happy. Are you living in this happiness whenever you get the a moment and making it happen whenever you get a chance to enforce your reality. The one you want.

As you watch the craziness happen around you, realize that you are not subscribing to it. You are apart from these individuals running around chasing their own tails. Go about your day, with peace and happiness and doing the best you can. Breathe deeply and even take a minute to disappear in the bathroom and regain your peace and quiet if you need to. What is wrong with people thinking they can’t push you too hard? You are setting boundaries for them to follow. They will make a mental note that they need to pace themselves when it comes to you. Isn’t that a bonus? I think it is.

I have never believed rushing people and bugging people gets them to give you the quality you require. They can move at a pace, but driving them nuts is not the answer.

Be calm and keep your peace for you! The only one who will suffer for this stuff is you in the end if you don’t get a hold on it.

Will any of these people matter in your grand scheme of things. Probably not. So why are you giving them so much of yourself. Don’t. Take care of you and the ones you love. Find new people to like and love and take away from the ones who try to cause chaos and confusion by not allowing them any room in your brain and in your emotions.

And when it’s completely out of hand and makes no sense. Ignore it and smile. Escape to the place you want to be in your mind with the people you want to be with. You will shine, you will speak more softly, calmly, because you know where you are and where you are going. You will become the person you are trying to become, because after all, you really are that person inside. So don’t wait to let her/him shine.

And always, always be good to yourself!

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