The Voice Inside!

Have you ever had those days when you felt like no one wants to listen? A co-worker puts the radio up as an indication that they don’t want to listen to you anymore. You spend your time talking and feel like you are talking to yourself half the time, always trying to engage in conversation. Gets tiresome.

No worries. I have that happen to me all the time.

I have always been seen as a difficult person, or at least I’ve been given that impression.  I could complain about it and how it aggravates me, but to tell you the truth at this point in my life, I really don’t care what people who spend no time with me think or figure they know who I am when they only listen to the sound of their own voice.

This is about my voice and what I have to say and how I share it. Don’t let people make you feel sad and wrong for letting your voice inside speak what you feel inside. You are interesting and if they don’t think so, it really only means they are not people you should be with.

If they stop listening, you simply have to find a different person who will listen. If they ignore you, you need to find someone who won’t.

Don’t let your voice die inside you. Don’t let anyone make you think you don’t matter. The truth is if they don’t listen or care, they should not matter to you. Don’t be hurt, turn around and find someone who will listen. Someone who will be thoughtful and kind.

Guaranteed there are people just like you waiting for someone interesting and intelligent just like you to talk to. To share thoughts with. To inspire you and be inspired by you. You have plenty to offer. Find the conversation you are looking for. Don’t give up and don’t ever go silent.

You were meant to have a voice. Doing anything else will just bring on sickness and health issues. You need to be free to express yourself even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

There are times you should think things over before you speak, but only to really think of what you want to say and make sure you say it all. The rest of the time, you should express yourself, with joy, with sadness, with happiness even with aggravation and anger (not meanness) if you need things to be cleared out.

You have but one lifetime and it’s really not that long when you think about it.

Be who you were meant to be, say what you need to say!



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