“No Can Do” People!- Cell Phone Part 2 – UPDATED!

If you want the whole story, start with my blog from yesterday!So I go to this tech place about 45 minutes from my home to get my phone unlocked since I had previously tried the code that my cell phone company had sent and it did not work, and I did not want to send it out and wait 4 to 6 weeks to get the phone back.

So I had called this company during the day who told me to come down and bring my phone and they would unlock it for me or try to because I had been unsuccessful.

I figured because they were tech people they might be able to fix something that I was too dumb to figure out so that I could then in turn input my code into the phone and it would work.

So I get there and he tells me that he can’t do it and that my phone is too old and that no old phones don’t work with my new cell phone company because they are on a different frequency. He went further to say that they are crap and affiliated with another company that could not offer me service at all (which I found a bit strange). Why would this company offer crappy service when it could damage their reputation. But okay!

Funny thing is, I have another old phone or rather older than this year (2015-2016) that I changed with this current company and when I finally figured out how to set it up right because you may have reconfigure stuff when you get a new provider with your own phone, that phone started working fine! So “Mr. Nothing works” was wrong about that phone, seems to be doing OK since last night.

I went to check a list of phones on the website of the new company and beyond certain phones like the other companies who “also” don’t offer service with certain phones, it’s no different.

He also asked how many times I put the unlock code in my phone and I told him no more than 4 times max. I read that after 10 times your phone is frozen. He told me my phone would be frozen now and I corrected him. Obviously, this guy did not want my business because he did not know his. When Jane Schmo off the street knows more than you do about everything. Then you must be an idiot or just interested in losing business. His credibility was quickly being questioned.

So now you know and I know that he is not going to help me and not interested in helping me at all because of his ignorance. But the thing is, how many people who go into this place get told they can’t get something or have something done and then give up because of the opinion of one simple guy who can make you believe you are all wrong or have it all wrong.

I have been rebellious most of my life, and people like this guy make me want to build whatever it takes to do what needs to be done to prove them wrong.  But in recent years, instead of simply getting a no and getting mad, I try to find a different solution to problems. That one thing may be not be possible at this moment, but it doesn’t mean there is not a way around it.

I went to a tarot card ready years and years ago. I was looking at a card that had a nice house, a pathway and a set of gates and a person standing in front of the gates. He asked me what I could see in this picture. I told him that I could see a person stopped by gates to get to the house. He told me to really look at the card. I did and then he pointed out that there was absolutely nothing on each side of the gates. If needed, that person could simply walk around the gates to get to the house. He told me that my life needed to change that way too, that I focused too much on the problems in front of me instead of looking around for a different solution. I may not be able to open those gates but it does not mean I can’t do it in a different way to get the results I want by going around them.

As you may see from that experience, it stuck with me. So now when I hear or see someone say. It can’t be done. I simply think… maybe not now…maybe not this way…but you just watch me. I WILL GET WHAT I WANT. Because I believe nothing is really impossible. Even in situations that are so difficult that you will feel defeated, I believe that if you believe you can do a difference in your mind, you will.

Sometimes if you simply believe that it will be OK, you are sending out a wish to the universe that will help you find a solution.

Don’t let the negative people and naysayers take your hope and dreams away and think out of the box. If you can’t make that box fit, find another that may get you what you need. Look around, ask questions, find others that are of the same mind set. Reach out to people who live their dreams and work at what they want. DON’T GIVE UP!


  • When you finally decide to change carriers, make sure that the phone you currently have is compatible with that carrier. Not just any phones can be transferred and you may run into problems with older models especially. I found out the hard way after paying an unlocking fee with the company that my phone was not compatible. You can either call the carrier before you unlock the phone or go on their web page. They can usually let you know what will and won’t work.
  • I paid $50 for my first unlock code with the company that did not work. I then got smart and paid $11 dollar for my phone and $20 for my husband’s phone to get an unlock code online with a reputable company. Live and learn. I am passing this on to you.
  • And finally, test out your phone by seeing if it’s not already unlocked. Sometimes that can happen and their is no need to buy an unlock code. The Nexus phones I have been told don’t have locks on them, so if you have one, you can change carriers if you like without the hassle of having to unlock it.


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