Saving Money – A Recurring Theme – But Not Without it’s Glitches!

If nothing else, what I write here is to help anyone else who decides to go on this journey of saving and hits snags. I learned another valuable lesson this weekend. The phone you get from the cell company you go with is not really yours.

What do I mean? I mean if it’s locked. What do you mean locked?  I mean this; Some companies lock your phones if they can. I found out The NEXUS brand of phones cannot be locked. Thank you Nexus company!

I went looking  for savings on my cell phones. Found a company in my area that could offer me some substantial savings. At least 15$ less a line for the same service. But since we revamped our needs and what we needed, we would be saving even more at over $20 per line.

So having 4 cells, the 3 boys and myself. I changed the boys phones since theirs are paid and now don’t have to be on contract.

Snag. I found out that the carrier that give you your phones when you enter a contract with them have the phones locked with their carrier. So if you suddenly want to change carrier, you have to pay an extra rate to get them unlocked. In our case $50 a phone to get an unlock code. We saved on one of these because “Nexus” is not locked. Not sure why, but maybe it’s because they can’t.

I did some research on this and realized that even when your phone is yours, it’s not really yours until you get it unlocked. And just because they offer unlock codes, it does not mean it will work, like the problem I am experiencing with my sons phone today.

It’s an older Samsung and the unlock code they sent did not work. So now I have a phone that I can’t get service to because it does not work.  I am waiting for a call from the technical service to get it fixed, but even then there is no guarantees. I’m thinking I might just go to the store and get him a cheap “UNLOCKED” phone that they sell at much better prices than what they offer you at your carrier store.

I did realize that if you went online and paid for unlock codes and the guy on the corner working on phones could probably do more for you, at cheaper prices, but I figured that I would be safe getting my phone unlocked by the company who did it. WRONG!

Apparently calling the carrier company or the phone manufacturer only causes more delays. Both were telling me that a kit would be sent to me and I could send the phone and they would reset it and then send it back after a possible 4 to 6 weeks, I would get a working phone back. NO!

So I found a company near my town that could do all of this and I will be visiting them in the next few days to get my phone unlocked. If they do a good job, I might skip the carrier company and just go to them if they can do it all from there. Save myself the aggravation.

The other lesson learned here is that this will cost me substantially more than it should have. NO MORE LOCKED PHONES FOR ME, EVER!

Here is what I learned:

  1. It’s much better to save up to buy a phone that you then own “already unlocked”, then you don’t have to enter into contracts with carriers and if you can find a better price, you don’t have to worry, all you do is switch when you can save money without the headache.
  2. Having a phone you own will probably get you a better deal on the package every month because they can’t charge you extra to pay for the phone.
  3. When I first researched the carrier I was considering for service, someone from this area told me that they could not help me and that they did not offer services in my area when they actually did. Just because they are not here today does not mean they won’t be here tomorrow. Demand usually creates service when it comes to these things. If they get calls, they will try to get the service for the demand in the area. So keep searching and unless the carrier himself tells you that they are not providing service to your area, check things out, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  4. If there is a way to check whether or not the service is good in your end of town, especially for us since we are in a very rural area, take the time to check the coverage area or change only one phone to see how it does.
  5. And last but not least, don’t be afraid of change. Companies are not loyal to people anymore, they are unfortunately loyal to their bottom lines. Make sure to do research every 6 months or so to make sure you are still getting the best.

Be fearless, don’t give up and work towards your goals. Learn everyday and share to make others lives better. That’s my goal!


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