Finding Inspiration In What You Are Doing/And That Voice Inside Your Head!

It took me a long time to figure out what inspired me in my life.I spent a lot of time in my head and looking around at what people were doing, trying to find my answers. If only we learned early to listen to our gut. You know the one that tells you that you need to write, you need to paint, draw, create, count, whatever you end up doing for no good reason other that it feels absolutely right.

You know what you want. You just discourage yourself from it.

That little voice inside your head, telling you “you can’t do that”. With excuses of “it’s not viable”, “it’s not what you are trained for”, “it won’t bring you money”.

You know this voice, you hear it a lot when you are trying to find your way in this crazy world.

Sometimes it’s just downright nasty. It tells you are not good enough or asks “what makes you so special?” “why would anyone listen to you?”

I’ll tell you why. Because those things don’t matter. That is right. In the end, regardless of your worst critics, when you sit down to do what you know you want to do. You whole being lights up like a firefly in the night. You attract beauty and inspiration.

You feel whole. You feel in tune and it’s easy for you.

Like writing blogs and books are like meditation for me. I love the fact that I can sit here and write these things in a second flat. The ideas flow through me. My mind knows what my heart is saying and wants to share. The way a scenery catches my eye and I see the glorious beauty of it instantly to capture it.

Sometimes I write stuff that I didn’t even know I could, so much so that I look at it days or weeks down the road and wonder where it came from. That’s inspiration. That’s a higher power, that’s your calling. I know it’s been given to me as a gift. The gift of being inspired and happy when I practice it.

You may feel the same about something you created when you look at it down the road, wondering how you did that!

For whatever you may do in your day that makes you feel this way, you have to explore that and make it part of your life.

Because when you do these things, your energy flows the way it should. Your body and mind and whatever you call your soul all work together. You become who you should be. REGARDLESS of what others think you should be doing, REGARDLESS of your worst critics inner yammering in your mind says (which is “you” if you haven’t figured it out yet). Don’t let anything you have been taught or read or seen discourage you from it. Don’t look at others journeys and think you have to follow them.

Do what YOU were meant to DO here. If you think about it, you probably already know what that is!

*Please note I am not advocating going broke by quitting your job. More of a integrate to eventually be more a permanent part of your life. Or make it a job you can do. Either way, you are getting me. Also not advocating people who feel the need to cause harm. Just saying!

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