Too Busy – Embrace the Busy, Don’t Stress It!

What to do when you have work coming out your ears? Stress about it. No good. Get mad about it. No better. Take one thing at a time and to hell with the rest. Yeah absolutely.

Enjoy the day going by really really quickly. The clock spinning out of control at work is awesome!

Because that means you can get back to what you love doing even more quickly.

Hey sometimes you have to go to work! You have to pay the bills. Yes, you do.

Are you Picasso painting crap, being a moody artist or are you stuck sitting somewhere in an office or driving somewhere working for the man? Probably working for the man. It’s a known fact that we the majority are the working population. And most of us are not doing the most inspiring work.

When you get hectic, you can either choose to breathe shallowly and get aggravated (which I have done far too many times in the past) or just choose to breathe deeply, feed off the good flow you are getting and take it one crisis, one problem at a time.

The first rule I would say to do is to focus on the thing you are doing right now. Sometimes, you may work in an environment where things get thrown at you from every direction. Don’t sweat it and take it one step at a time. You have one head and one brain. And do it right. Once done that one thing. Move on to the next. Take it like an assembly line. You can’t jump to the next 20 down until you have checked the ones in front of you.

This also sets boundaries for people to let them know when its alright to give you more or to stop from giving you more.

I’ve spent some time getting buried by certain things in my life and being miserable because I forgot how to set boundaries. Don’t do that to yourself. It’s not good for your health. Trust me on this.

Work smarter and not harder.

Realize that some people will always contribute to your workload and accept that fact. At least your day is going well and you are doing good! Right? Right!

When I feel like I should be in Arizona with a paintbrush or writing “THE BOOK” that will make me rich and famous. I remember that for some people in much poorer parts of this world, would love to have my problems today.

That their only thought right now is when they will eat next, while I complain about my privileged life. I have a job I can complain about, I am fairly healthy, I have good food, a nice home and a bunch of great guys who love me. I can choose my next path and for all these things I am grateful!

And my days go by and I am grateful that every day I can say I have the opportunity to make my life even better. One, by working towards making my time my own and two, by always being grateful for everything. Even the busy days, even if they are at work!



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