How To Make Sense Of Insanity!

If you have been part of this world for any amount of time and have a semi-independent thought process, you might have noticed that a lot of things don’t always make sense.Latest one for me would be a book about tidying that is a bestseller telling you that if you use her way you will never have to tidy up again……..Pause here for B/S alert…….or to hold your things and thank your things when you put them away to rest as you go to rest……..another pause…..(Shaking my head in dumbfounded confusion).

As a person who is trying to minimize “THINGS”, I don’t think developing a relationship with your “THINGS” is a great message to be sending out there. In a society that is getting more and more disconnected from one another, I think talking and putting an even greater emotion on your “THINGS” that you already have is a step in the wrong direction. Pause here to see someone thanking their food processor for helping them and then pause again to see a starving child living on the street. Does anything here seem odd to you?

Every YouTube person who praises this book, usually looks like an episode of hoarders and when I see the drawer folding technique, one said it took her 3 hours to organize balled t-shirts (of which there were still WAY TOO MANY, counted 40 t-shirts and who needs that much??) in her drawers.

One got rid of half her shoes. She had 80 pairs so now she only had 40. …another pause….

I basically saw people going from a HOARDER episode to an smaller more organized hoard. But basically, it was still way too much stuff.

I am all for people trying to take clutter out of their lives, however, I had to give my head a shake at some point to how these people were all calling this author a savior for teaching them how to tidy.

So again, we are faced with another guru. And everyone is jumping on the band wagon. First I think, why the hell did I not think of writing a book about thanking my things before I set them free so I can make millions and then I get mad when I have some decent books out there about saving money and they are getting zero attention. Maybe I should have written about talking to my hot water heater to get better savings. (Pauses and wonders if that might work?? Re-write?)

My long rant about all of this is basically this; IF you read all of this and thought the exact same thing. Has this world gone Insane?  You are not alone.

Every week, I see things that make me question the stuff going around and wondering if I’m the one who is insane.

How do I get over it? I observe and continue on my path of happiness the best I know how.

I used to think I could change the world by trying to make them see common sense from my 20’s to my 40’s. It has not gotten me very far.

Some people are so intent on finding a savior or a cause that they never really look too much further into things or they then end up following a crowd, and regardless of what you say or do or even show them the logic or insanity of things, they hop on the bandwagon and their off.

I’ve never been a follower, so I guess I’ve never much understood fads or follow the leader, even when I really liked someone’s ideals, I’ve always kept in mind that they were human and fallible and that was alright with me, because I would always hope people realized the same about me.

So if you are part of that percentage who is not easily swayed into a trend or anything of that nature, be proud of yourself. You are someone who lives life on their own terms.

You are an intelligent being who loves to learn and try new things but will not follow blindly. But with that means that you have to liberate yourself of feelings of disbelief when the next crowd goes rushing into something.

You have to find your truth and your joy and smile and look on in amusement. That’s really all you can do!


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