How to Deal with Inconsideration!

Having spent my morning fixing someone’s mistake without them taking responsibility, never mind even thanking me for fixing it for them. I noticed that whatever I read today or am subject to, I seem to see the same thing.People seem to lack the ability of being responsible for their actions. They act entitled and without remorse or even gratitude if someone helps them, or they simply act like they did nothing when they have been rude, abrasive and even totally irrational.

I have seen people do something wrong like cut you off in their car and then flip you the finger when you put your hands up to let them know they cut you off almost causing an accident. No remorse, actually seems no common sense either.

So what do I do with these complete “A-Holes” that seem intent of ruining everyone’s day.

After correcting someone else’s mistake for almost an hour and a half, I called my husband who listens to my rant, tells me I am right and he understands how unfair it all is, but then asks after a short pause if I have seen the glorious sunshine outside and how warm it is today.

Surprised by the question. I reply no but tell him I might do that. So we hang up and I put on my jacket and go immediately outside and breathe in the wonderful air. The sun is so bright, I can feel the warmth on my face. Feels like spring on the first day of February! It’s so wonderful I stay out there a full 10 minutes. I breathe in deeply. I feel so much better. I let my mind draw a complete blank. I let the sunny rays of yellow hit my face and I drift to happy things.

I walk back inside and everything looks different somehow mostly because I put my face up to the sun with my eyes closed. So the room seems dark and stale.

The world is littered with people who function at such a low vibration frequency than what they should. They are in essence destroying themselves from the inside out and many people they come in contact with because they are hard to be around or live with.

Old people who look angry and get nasty. Young people who flip the bird or talk like their common sense was magically removed, middle-aged people who walk around with ego and attitude that you wonder if anything else can fit in the room with them. I have found that I cannot change these people. I wish I could. Just because I take responsibility for my actions and have found it liberates me and makes others trust my judgement because they know I won’t throw them under a bus, does not mean everyone is like that. Just because I correct my own mistakes while others are alright with letting others pay for their mistakes does not mean I can make them as considerate as I am.

Just because they are this way does not mean that I should be like them even if it does seem that payback would feel great.  I don’t want to look like them or be like them. They are ugly from the inside out. Nothing shines on them.

I could sit here for the rest of the day and be angry and resentful and count the million reasons why it isn’t fair. But after another minute of thinking that way, my eyes go back to the window and the sunshine and I realize that I am working today and putting up with this today so that I can one day sit out there without having to fix anyone’s mistakes but my own. That one day I will be able to go do my groceries and running around when everyone else is at work and maybe miss all the “A-Holes” or plan to miss them as much as possible. Where my partner and I can make a routine based on favorite things and favorite people.

My husband and I are dealing with these things now so we don’t need to put up with it later. So we can minimize our dealings with low vibrational humans who go round and round and can’t even be kind to one another.

And it’s a great practice in peace and joy to be able to let go earlier and earlier to aggravations that affect your good mood. The shorter time it takes to get over and remove these thoughts from your head. The faster you can resume practicing positive thoughts.

The faster you can let go of these things, the faster you can get back to breathing deeply instead of shallowly and restore your bliss. You know, the one that includes, grateful thoughts, great plans for the future, peace, joy and all the good stuff.

So practice letting go and letting light in. Like the sun, especially if it’s out feeling like a spring day in a winter month! Don’t miss out on the important stuff because you are too busy being frustrated. NOT WORTH IT! Smile when you should not. Let them think you are nuts. I’d rather be nuts than ignorant and mean any day! And LET THE LIGHT IN!

What are you looking forward to? How are you making your life brighter? What are your plans of how to get there? When is the last time you concentrated on having the sun on your face as opposed to someone getting under your skin?

Trade up thoughts, you won’t regret it!

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