5 Days of Health – Day 5- Chocolate – Wait What?

Dark chocolate to be more precise. Anything containing more than 70% cocoa. Some of the stuff they call milk chocolate does not even contain that much real chocolate in it, and frankly since I have switched to dark chocolate I cannot stand much of it. It’s a side effect to eating the real good stuff.

I have to warn you, it’s an acquired taste and I don’t really like straight dark chocolate, I find it quite too bitter, but they make awesome mixes out there. So you can experiment.

My favorite is the Almond Dark Chocolate (PC brand). It’s a huge bar and so yummy.

But what are the benefits you ask from eating dark chocolate.

Well other than the fact that you ‘eating chocolate’, it lowers blood pressure, in turn decreasing heart disease, it improves brain function, promotes blood flow. It contains antioxidants and polyphenols that contribute to heart health and cancer prevention.

YES. From something that is CHOCOLATE.

The side effect. If you eat too much…well you know. But if you eat only up to 100 calories a day, you can keep all the benefits and have sweets, every single day.

Geez, why didn’t anyone teach this stuff in school!!

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