5 Days of Health – Day 4 – Cinnamon!

No no I didn’t say Cinnamon Rolls! But Yumm those are good too.There are two types of cinnamon, one is cassia (what you find in most supermarkets) and Ceylon (can be found in health food stores or online).

Ceylon is considered the “true cinnamon” and the one that should be purchased.

Pretty much like garlic, it’s fast becoming a super food.

Fighting bacterial and fungal infections, cinnamon has anti inflammatory properties and can cut the risk of heart disease.

Cinnamon has now been linked to lowering blood sugar, which is great news for diabetic looking to control their blood sugar levels. In as little as 2 tablespoons a day, you could reduce your sugar levels.

If you do try this, please please please, make sure to monitor your levels. Low blood sugar can be very dangerous with side effects including passing out, especially if you are already on drugs that are already reducing your blood sugars.  This would not be good if you are say…driving. So monitor anything you are doing very closely. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Cinnamon contributes to heart health, but even more impressive is that there is a lot of info on cinnamon being a treatment for HIV type 1. That’s huge stuff.

I know a few people who can’t stand cinnamon. One that is diabetic. I find this real sad.

As with anything there are side effects especially with the Cassia Cinnamon, so you should get the Ceylon variety if you plan to treat yourself with it.

Here is a link that shows potential side effects from a site selling it. I am not a rep for this site, so purchasing is not necessary, I just like sites that try to sell stuff and still give you the side effects. I find it shows integrity.


As for myself I will try to add some more to my coffee or my desert. Why not. If it will help process my sugars, I repeat why not!



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