5 Days to Health – Day 3 – Garlic!

I love you and you taste great, but why do you have to make my breath smell so potent!I, of course have a solution to all of that. Let’s all eat it so we cannot smell each others bad breath and the problem is solved instantly.

The benefits to garlic is good because it’s got antibacterial (fights bacteria), anti-fungal (fights fungal infections) and antiviral (fights viruses) properties.

Vampires may not exist and probably would not fear garlic if they did (maybe the smell of your breath), but viruses do (also starts with a ‘V’)  and that’s good enough for me.

The trick is introducing one clove a day to reap the benefits.

Garlic is a natural blood thinner so if you are on medications for that, you might want to check with your doctor, although I have read that you would need at least 4 cloves to get the benefits of lowering your blood pressure. Supplements would probably be better in this case.

The benefits of it are wonderful especially if you love the taste (which we do) and it can be put into pretty much anything you are making.

And of course as with all things, garlic can cause some side effects, but having taken both the pill form and natural, I have never had any problems. If you are concerned, you can find information on the internet about any concerns you might have. But for the record, no one could take my garlic away! It adds beauty to all the food I’ve ever eaten and smells heavenly!

So get a few and hang those pretty ones up in a cool dry place and remember they are a flu/cold fighter in a bulb!




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