5 Days of Health – Day 2 – Beets!

Having enjoyed a great beet salad over the weekend with a girlfriend (and it was yummy), I decided to check things out to see what kind of benefits these sweet treats really had, since I was thinking of reproducing the recipe. Was I surprised to find out the great benefits of eating beets.

It can lower your blood pressure by helping relax and dilate your blood vessels.

Helps fight environmental stresses and acts as an anti inflammatory.

It’s been associated to anti-cancer properties and can help detox your liver and blood.

No wonder I felt so good after that wonderful little vegetable.

I’ve attached a website link to some simple beet salad recipes. It’s a good way to liven up your salad recipes.


That day I had my salad it was with yellow beets (did not know there were yellow ones) but I plan to make a red one with goat cheese like I had. I see a recipe on this page for it and plan to make it just to see if I like both. In any case, there seems to be plenty of recipes on this page so you should be able to find one you might like to try. It’s sweet, it’s tasty and its beneficial. I love food like that! Don’t you?



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