Why Is It Called Friday?

A bit of a history Friday! Hey why not! I love going to bed knowing more than I did yesterday!The days of the week and how they got their names is the topic of my thoughts today.

I started looking at the names of the week and how they got their names. Of course it’s in relations to our skies, or rather the planets. I’ve found references to the Romans, the Greeks and The Germanic people.

I translated them to French to get a closer translation to the to the actual planet names.

Sunday or Dimanche is the only one that does not sound like it’s French name’s planet or rather in this case the Sun. Sun-day is closer to it’s original sound. Also known as the first day of the week. A day of rest in most religions. I just know it as the last day of my precious weekend. Known as the ‘Day of the Sun’. Sun was considered a Goddess in Germanic mythology.

Monday or Lundi – Is for the the Moon or Lune in French. This day known as the ‘Day of the Moon’. The Moon was also considered a God in Germanic mythology.

Tuesday or Mardi – the ‘Day of Mars’. Also known as the roman God of War.

Wednesday or Mercredi – the ‘Day of Mercury’. Also the known as the roman God of commerce also science. He is a messenger to other gods as well.

Jeudi or Thursday – the ‘Day of Jupiter’ Related to Thor and Zeus. The one creating thunder and lightning.

Vendredi or Friday – the ‘Day of Venus’ also known as the Goddess of love. Also known as Freya in Norse also identified as love and beauty. Maybe that’s why everyone loves Friday!

Samedi or Saturday – the ‘Day of Saturn’ known as the roman God of agriculture also as ruler of the Earth at one point.

Please take note that this was found on the internet, so it may not be for sure 100%accurate. What I wrote here were recurring themes as I read. My major question was basically answered though, the days of the week were named from the sun, the moon and the planets, and that is what I was really looking for.

So happy Love day! May all the Love and Beauty of the world find you on this glorious Friday or Venus Day!


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