Meditating for Sanity!

Today has been a day from HELL? Things lost, people on private numbers, calling you to give you a hard time and yelling at you, because they can.As one task becomes the next and you hit another roadblock or as I call it “a day that runs on square tires”, you realize that you are holding your breath and losing your will to live. Getting angrier and angrier.

Ever have one of these days, where no matter how cheerful you try to be, there seems to be someone trying to kill your spirit.

What do you do?

If you can’t get away from it sitting at your desk or wherever you may be, go hide, do it now before you cause any more damage. In a back room, in a bathroom, on your break and away from the chaos. If you can get a moment at your desk, even better.

Here’s my meditation. Concentrate on taking deep cleansing breaths. Very simple, but very effective.

Whether we realize it or not, we begin shallow breathing when we are in a stressful situation and the more you are concentrated on it, the worse it gets.

It comes from the days when we had that fight or flight when we were being hunted by the big cats! Instead, now we get irritated and aggravated from different things and have the stress hormone kicking in way too many times in a week. And living like this too often has been shown to cause very harmful things to happen to your body including irritable bowel, high blood pressure, burn out, you name it…it could be the cause.

So we have to constantly get out of that response mechanisms not only to find our peace of mind, but to also preserve our bodies from the constant harm of this stress.

To get back to peace and harmony, you need to concentrate on deep breathing. And you should not care what the others say or the way they look at you when you are doing it.

This is for your health.

Imagine that you are taking a deep breath of health and as it goes through you and in your lungs, it picks up all the bad and the stress and as you exhale through your mouth, you can feel it leaving you.

Guaranteed if you do it right, after only 5 or 10 breaths like this, you will start feeling better.

The meditation part comes from concentrating on the breathing sounds and nothing else.

Clear your mind of the nasty stuff and just let yourself relax. If you can do this for 5 to 10 minutes, you can regain your composure and continue on with your day.

Look, there are some days no matter what you do, it’s not going to turn out calm. But if you can succeed 75% of the time, you can help your state of mind and being.

In this case being completely oblivious and ignorant would help you (not like in the days when we were being hunted, being oblivious and ignorant would ensure you would be the first one eaten…hmmm…that may have been a good thing), but the rest of us need to consciously bring ourselves back to the state of grace that is healthy for us. Letting go of stupid situations and not letting it affect you is one good thing. But if you do let it get to you, don’t let it stay with you long.

Happy Deep Breathing!

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