The Dog Days of Winter!

As we are going through the dog days of winter, it feels as if the blues are settling in. The days are darker and colder. This time of year always personally makes me feel like life is slowly getting sucked out of me and I usually know that this is when I will have to try and work up the courage to keep going and not just cover my head in blankets and come back up in spring.

Here are a few things I can suggest to help.

1)Keep the weather outside. If the sun is not shining, I keep the nastiness out of sight. Pull the curtains and turn on the bright lights.

2)I would suggest the exact opposite on sunny days, regardless if they are cold to go outside dressed warmly and let the sun find you.

3)Plan projects to keep you from hibernating in front of the TV all winter. Spring cleaning is best done at this time, the house is nice and cool and you will be one up when the weather clears up, leaving time for more outdoor stuff and getting re-acquainted with the sun.

4)Keep a steady sleeping routine. As much as it sounds nice to just cuddle up on a couch and sleep your day away. Keeping a steady sleep routine will help keep you regular and less tired.

5)Keep your fresh vegetable and fruits intake high. If the prices of these are too high (like $8 for cauliflower right now..OMG), get the frozen variety. Buy some green drinks to make sure you keep your vitamin intake in good standing.

6)Get moving. It’s also easy to start eating and stop moving in cold weather, but you should actually do the reverse. Our bodies are not programmed to do this, so it’s hard to break the biological habit, but you must try.

7)Get enough Vitamin D. With the sun not being as present as in the summer months. It’s important to make sure you keep that up, it keeps your immune system working better and helps prevent disease.

8)Stay warm. Dressing in layers and keeping your feet warm for me is the most important thing in the winter. Feeling the cold in this weather makes me a very miserable human. Good boots and socks is a must.

9)Plan your time off. Make it a point to make lots of plans with friends or to concerts or museums so that you can go out and enjoy yourself. And don’t take for granted what good conversation with wine and friends can do. You can also book a simple getaway for a weekend even if it’s just around the corner. A change of scenery can help.

10)Bright lights in desperate times. I love the light glow of a soft lamp, but bright lights can save you from depressive moods. Make sure you have one corner or room dedicated to what I call light therapy. It gets dark early and missing that sunlight doesn’t help lift anyone out of that dreamy quality that winter projects. So if needed find the light, even if it is artificial.

I have written about winter blahs before. I write about it again because I think it’s important to keep at it. Beautiful spring will be upon us again soon, we just have to hang on and keep ourselves in check until it does. Before you know it, the life will return and we can have a much needed break from the dark winter season!

If all else fails, you can chat with a friend on the phone or Facebook! Keep smiling!

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