Always Making Space! My Tip to Begin Cleaning the Clutter!

As you make space for good things in your head, you have to keep track of the space you have in your living areas.I have noticed that although my living room and kitchen are much better than they used to be, many areas of my house are still crammed full of junk.

So yesterday I wanted to start doing a bit, but when you look at a space and get overwhelmed just by looking at all the stuff you have to look through, it’s a bit of downer and you can quickly talk yourself out of doing anything at all.

So here are a few things I did yesterday to help with my clean-up.

I got a clothes basket and filled it up with my bathroom drawers. In some cases just dumped them right out. Even took the drawers with me. Then I sat at my kitchen table and took everything out of that basket, and did a general triage. Recycle, garbage, give away while keeping track of trying to keep very little. See I don’t go into these drawers often, so I knew that most of the stuff in there could go. I just had to keep moving. Then I put everything away.

I decided that I would do this for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week. Pick a spot with my empty laundry basket. Fill it up and go through it. I have a front room that has so much accumulated crap that if I go in there and look I’ll give up before I begin, so I will fill my big laundry basket to the brim and really go through that and be ruthless. I’m thinking that my basket and I will manage to pare down and clean up quite a bit in a few weeks time. I manage to do 3 drawers of my bathroom yesterday and I did not reorganize or clean those (I did keep in mind to pick up a few organizers at the dollar store next time I go there). But for now I just cleaned the clutter. Once I’m done that I will take the time for deep cleaning and organizing.I assigned one basic theme for each drawer. Teeth stuff 1st drawer. Hair stuff 2nd drawer and shaving stuff 3rd drawer (3 boys in my house). And the clutter was gone. Only the stuff everyone uses.

It’s more than I did yesterday and less than I have to do today. I’m happy with my progress and want to get to the point that I’m not surrounded by so much crap. Just the stuff I love and then I’ll be able to really appreciate those things because I won’t have all the rest surrounding it. And hopefully I won’t have hours to look before finding anything.

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