365 Days – A Thousand Dollars!

“Yes, a journal that is incomplete isn’t of much use, but a journal properly kept is worth a thousand dollar-when you’ve got it done.” – Mark Twain from Innocents Abroad.

Of course Mr.Clemens was speaking to young Jack about keeping a yearly journal and how much money he could make if he kept it up. Of course Jack did not keep it up. However when I read those words after visiting him last year in Elmira, I took on the challenge myself.

Of course my journal is my blog, but I have since written in it 5 days a week since beginning of June and decided that to try and continue until I reach 365 posts.

So Mr. Clemens, I accept your comment and proposed a challenge to myself to do just that. So far, so good.

Now I’m not saying that anything I write here is even close to his genre of caliber of writing. But there is a bit of time difference, so he will have to excuse me. And I do not hole away to concentrate on my writing. My writing here is more a “thought on the run” kinda thing. But I am satisfied nonetheless.

This being post 168, I have yet to reach the half way mark but it is the most I’ve written in my life. Not including the books I work on constantly.

So in light of the journal theme I am talking about today I will do just that. So here is my journal for you, Mr. Clemens.

Friday, January 15th 2016

My morning began with both feet hitting the floor at 6:30 am running to put clothing on after I had pressed the snooze button 3 times on my alarm. The thought of any part of my body feeling the cool air in the bedroom anytime before that was so unappealing that I seriously thought of just covering up my head and forgetting the day.

But it being Friday, I gave it a go and decided to just get on with it. I remembered as I brushed my teeth and checked my Facebook and pressed like to postings on “Today I am Grateful…” that I had to take my Jeep back to the mechanic who had fixed it the day before to have him check the low rubbing noise that was now coming from my left front wheel. So that meant waking up the older child, so he could drive me to the shop and then bring me to work. Ouff another day without a car.

I get a text from my husband requesting I put a plastic bin outside for his mother to leave us the weekly newspapers she gathers from various places for us that we use to burn for heating.

My son had received his new used vehicle the day before and had replaced the old battery in it with the one that was on his old car since the one in the new/used one was dead (did you get that). After I woke him and he quickly scrambled around to dress, he went out to start the vehicles so we could defrost the windows to get going.

Pouring a cup of coffee down my neck and tying up my hair as I slathered coconut oil on this aging face wondering when a new skin tag had shown up, I heard my son come in and say that the battery was stone cold dead on his car. 

So texting my husband, I gathered my stuff to get ready to leave for my day, as my son went back out to put his car on the charger.

Slow leak in the system might be causing it my husband texted me back. So we continue getting stuff ready and he comes back in 10 minutes later and the car has started.

We scramble out the door, I leave the plastic bin near the stairs and get into my truck, when I realize I’ve left the 10 dollars my husband lent me last night to pay for yesterday’s lunch that was paid by my coworker since I had no cash on me.

We follow each other to the garage where we wait a few minutes until the mechanic shows up and tells me to wait while he takes my truck in. He suspects something small, and not 5 minute later he pulls out and has fixed the small problem that sounded like something big. He tells my son to leave his vehicle there so they can look at it. My son is disappointed no doubt since he probably wanted to drive around with it today.

So I text my office partner tell him I will be a bit late, drive my son home and then make my way to the post office where I pick up the mail and drive to work. Damn, the gas light just went on the truck, so I fill it up. I am lucky the station is literally right beside the office.

So I park my truck when I enter the office where immediately things start pilling one thing after another in a steady rhythm.

As my butt hits the chair and my feet go from my boots to my shoes, all I can thing is…

Good grief! Is it 5 pm yet!

It is not 5 pm yet and since then I have completed this blog on my break and have completed a million trillion things. Including cancelling plans while others have replaced them. Sending school documents by email for my younger son and keeping the piles on my desk from burying me alive.

Is this going to be today’s rhythm? Absolutely. Will I survive? Most likely. Would Mr. Twain think me boring? Possibly. Do I still like him anyways? Most definitely Yes. Will I make a $1000 after a year? One can only wish!

And with that I wish you all a great day!





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