Beyond Being Tired!

Ever have those weeks that you are so beyond tired, they would have to invent a new word for how you feel. This week has been such a week for me. Having published (but more just last minute editing and everything) two books, then getting ill for no reason on Tuesday and then very early this morning I was subject to sleep paralysis.

If you are unfamiliar with this condition. It’s basically being a prisoner of your dreams or hallucinations while in the sleep state and being aware of your surroundings but being unable to wake up. Your mind is screaming to wake up but your body refuses and the more you panic, the worse it gets.

I got caught up in this for around 2 hours this morning and basically lost that 2 hours of sleep, not too mention being intensely jumpy today.

The further the week is progressing the worse my deprivation seems to feel.

So what to do with this, since I am not taking any time off for this. I am still at work, a little less than my perky self (well OK, I’m never that perky) and trying to get through my day.

Most important part, is to regain my calm and peace of mind.

If my mind is calm, my body will try to follow. To do this, I must forget for awhile how tired I’ve been and try to act as if I have had the greatest week of my life rest wise. It’s a ruse but one that can work.

If you need to meditate. Find a quiet corner to do so, and meditate.

Avoid confrontations with people even if they seem to be trying to get on your nerves. Best way is to semi-ignore them and no matter what, don’t engage. Smile and let it go for now is the best policy.

Most likely what is really irking you right now, won’t matter tomorrow morning! So just take a breather.

If you are too tired and you are able to, go home and take some time off to rest. The body has great healing capabilities with rest. If you let it do what it needs, you can recuperate a lot faster.

If you cannot, tell the people closest to you that you are under the weather so they may be kinder to you, even altogether leave you be for awhile. If they are nice people, they should be accommodating, since everyone gets these weeks once in a while.

If you are really too tired, don’t drive. Have someone drive you home. I have a driver tonight. Don’t put anyone’s life in jeopardy.

If you need to cry, you go and do that. Tears are a great release if used for their intended use. Have a little cry and let it go.

Keep your mind busy while you are awake. An inactive mind will make you want to fall asleep where you sit. And waking you up won’t go well.

Have plans to prepare a night dedicated to relaxing, with bath, soothing music to help ensure that you can have a better night of sleep.

I won’t say take a nap, because for me I have found that sleeping out of my normal time tends to disrupt my night of sleep far worse than just going by my usual schedule. Instead I try going to bed a little bit earlier, you are more likely to feel better the next day.

So these are my suggestions for tiredness. And always remember that hopefully tomorrow will be much better. Tomorrow is another day and a new day to start again!


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