Keep Doing Stuff That Inpires You!

I’m not quite at the point where I can wake up every day and just write. I wish I could but it’s not the situation right now. But I do it any chance I get. I have found that trying to pare down my life of clutter both financial and material is also bringing me a great sense of peace.

A clean mind has more space to think and do the stuff you need to be inspired. If you are not worrying about the clutter around you or the money you owe constantly, I find that life can suddenly be explored for other stuff.

The only problem is that some people suddenly don’t know what to do if they are not thinking about these things. They have spent every day in the habit of doing this and don’t know anything else. Conflicts become a comfortable and habitual thing to do.

When suddenly faced with the prospect of this tranquility, some people can actually feel lost.

It’s almost like when retiring and faced with the aspect of it, some people have been wishing for it so much, they suddenly don’t know what to do with themselves and their time.

That’s why I say work towards other things you want time to do. I can look forward to having more time to write when I finally shake loose from the rat race, and I am really looking forward to that.

I would really like to have time to garden and want to explore that further and give it more time. I have never gardened. So we will be fixing the land around our home on our way to retiring, so its a nice place to sit and enjoy later when we have the time.

I am hoping to really enjoy my home, since I have this beautiful old home we do stuff to, but spend so little actual time living in it. I work all day and sleep all night. Sometimes it feels like I am missing my environment. Creating nice personal corners for me will be real nice in the mean time so I can really take the time to enjoy it when the moment comes.

I would like to explore the areas around us and have time to visit when it’s not too busy.  You have more time to do this when you are home all the time. So fixing an old camper can get us doing this probably even quicker than we anticipated, depending on how fast we get the project done.

Keep yourself inspired.  Dream Boards, journal and blogs are also good at keeping you on track.

The big thing for me that is important is to keep busy. I love always having a few things on the go. And I’m usually successful at it. I don’t like being idle too long. I feel like I’m wasting beautiful time on this planet and another chance to share!

So make a list of things you’d like to accomplish and start to see if you can do one and then move on to the other, you’ll see, it’s fun!


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