Finances and Well-Being…

I am currently realizing that without worrying about money, I am feeling much better in my day to day life.It’s not that we are debt free or anything. Far from it. Last I checked we still have lots to pay off before I can even get a glimmer of saying I’m debt free, however, all the money we have saved in the last 6 months or so has really started liberating us mind wise.


Well, everyday and every bill that gets paid off, I personally feel more at ease with work. Not that I didn’t before, but now it’s more like, if this job went away tomorrow my life would not get thrown into a tailspin. And every payday offers a bit more freedom because something else is getting paid down and that’s around a $1000 closer to my goal.

We used to have to be careful and rely on the credit cards to take care of any overages, but now that I reduced our monthly bills by between $700-$1000 a month. We have some money to use if we decide to pop over somewhere for dinner on a whim without touching credit.

Not feeling that we have had to use the credit cards to supplement some income or help with our overspending was a great relief.

In this New Year I am toying with putting a course together to show just what we have done so far to save money and do a step by step of how anyone can do it.

I have a notion that if people could modify their thinking and increase their well being by spending less and finding that security in their situation that I am currently having, it would open doors they never knew existed.

Does a spendthrift millionaire feel the freedom I do with still owing $150000. Probably not, because his money will eventually disappear while I’m steadily working at being comfortable in my life and future and that’s worth a lot more than a million dollars. In my estimation, it’s worth everything.

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