Giving Every Moment Your Full Attention!

Sometimes, I look at the all of my day and wonder. WOW…How did I get to do all that?

I generally work full time, which involves walk in traffic, phone traffic. Fixing problems of all kinds. I give attention to all the people who cross my path in one day.

I then blog on my breaks and lunch and then try to keep in contact with all the great people who talk to me in a day.

At the end of the day I feel the need to make my boys a priority in all this crazy thing, so we chat and talk and connect.  Why do I not feel overwhelmed?

I give every moment my full attention. Or try to. If I am talking with you for that moment, you have my full attention.

If I am getting a task done at work, it gets my full attention for that moment. Then I move on to the next moment. I try to keep the future moments away from my head except for certain things so I don’t get that OMG I’m running out of time and energy.

It also promotes a healthy way of living in this moment. I used to stress of all my tasks in a day and worry about it.

Living inside my head this way would have quickly killed me. Almost did. I had to stop worrying about every little thing to leave room for the important stuff.

The important stuff is simple. Live it in this moment and don’t worry about the next one. It will be there when you get there.

This is how when I spot a beautiful image I able to enjoy it and take a picture because I am in the moment and captured it.

The picture on this blog was taken just before I left for work this morning. What a beautiful morning it was. Cold but so breathtakingly beautiful. Great moment.

I wish I could capture every wonderful moment in my mind on picture, but I do pretty awesome with what I can.

Our minds can be our biggest problem if we let it run rampant with the wrong thoughts and images and never ending list of things to do. That stuff needs to be put away and instead concentrate on that awesome cup of coffee you are drinking right now, or that walk you are taking or that blog you are writing.

You are not only living in your ultimate moment, you are also leaving great stuff behind you to recall on a rainy day and you’ll soon realize you really didn’t need any of that other stuff anyhow.

Worrying about that stuff only shortens your days and wastes your time on this great planet. It really is great, even in the cold, just stay quiet enough to listen to it and you’ll see. Smiling in your moment and mine. Have a great day!

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