Looking for Positives!

You need to actively search out positives and let go of judgement. Now I say this being the first one who struggles with it daily. Really, if anyone could be inside my head, they would be amazed of the ruckus that happens in there.

OH lord, give me strength. The thing is many many things bother me daily. It’s a job everyday to veer away from aggravation.

There are some people who aggravate me to distraction. I am constantly working at restoring the peace in my head.

And when someone or something is constantly in front of your face, it can make it close to impossible to do.

When I can’t stand it anymore. I will tell you what I do! I concentrate on my positives.

When certain “chameleon” people finally snap my last nerve. A chameleon is a reptile that changes colors to it’s surroundings to blend in.  They change their lives, their partners, their way of thinking to fit in. Its absolutely annoying because you have to watch them think they fool everyone.

This is when I sit quietly and  I think of my partner who is a grumpy old bear who would do anything for his family. He grumps and his boys still hug him and kiss him just like they did when they were kids. Grown men now loving their pop. Amazing. The most original man I know. You may not like what he has to say but he will say it anyway. He would stick out anywhere like a sore thumb and I love him so much. Sometimes, it looks like he does not fit in anywhere. But he does. He fits in with the ones who love him.

When I can’t stand being at work for all the common sense that is lacking. Decisions that create more work. Unfairness of all kinds that actually bring evolution of the business world to a halt.

I think that this week when I get paid again, it will be one pay check closer to being financially in a better place so that eventually I can live on my terms instead of theirs.

To say that I am super successful in finding my calm all the time would be a lie.

Oh no! Depending on my mood or my hormones or both, it can take me anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

My mind always wants to make things right, well, what I consider right for me. But my head also knows that sometimes you just have to let it go and concentrate on the good and positive you are making for YOURSELF.

So the secret?

Just keep trying. Don’t give up finding your calm, your peace.

Get out of your head for awhile. Trying to fix stuff that makes no sense is an act in futility. Just shut it off. Say it until you do.

Find projects to keep you occupied. Idle minds cause problems to themselves. Positive projects make you happy or bring a smile to your face.

Remember to embark in journeys that you will enjoy so the destination is not the only important thing. You need to enjoy it all.

And lastly, give yourself some distance and peace and quiet if all else fails.

To tell you the truth, my new favorite mantra is “not my circus, not my monkeys” and I say it like I mean it. These situations and people don’t belong to me and I don’t own them. So just let it be. Do it as many times and moments it takes for your hard head to understand.

Only then can you really help yourself and begin living your positives as opposed to always looking for them!

Here are two more uplifting groups as promised from Facebook:

~Divine One~


Awaken With the Power Of Words



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