The Grateful Journal Updated!

A few years back, everyone was buzzing about the grateful journal! Then it slowly died down and kinda went away but it pops up now and again! Then a couple of years back. I remember thinking how dramatic and negative Facebook posts had gotten!That is when I started the Public Group “Today I am Grateful…” It has had a small but faithful following. Those are some awesome people, but with tragedies on the news and on our news feeds, it sometimes eats away at our grateful lives and leaves us out of sorts and suddenly posting our tiny little grateful thoughts gets hard when the world seems to be falling apart.

My little group is a place that lets you post what you are grateful for today! and everyday! From the fuzzy socks you are wearing to your life changing events. It has no prejudice of what you are grateful for. You can post 20 times a day or once a week or once a month. And while you are at it, you can read what everyone else is happy and grateful for making you think of what you love in your life.

I have given it a reboot in the past few days since I have realized that after New Years I was seeing a few posts of people who were either overwhelmed or suddenly unhappy probably from a holiday overload.

I have realized that it’s only by practicing gratefulness every day that we can become grateful. Even in moments when anger and jealousy or anything else grips us. If we can stop and find something in our lives to be grateful for, we can make any situation better and our hearts a little lighter…find more humor in things and let them go instead of holding on to negatives.

Let people encourage you and share your grateful thoughts. No thought is too big or too small. We want to have a shared experience without jealousy or being skeptic, (referring to people who thinks happiness is fake). Nothing is fake to anyone if you feel it.

But to do this we truly need is a community. So that our sisters or brothers can uplift us when we are having a hard time finding our grateful. Every one needs someone to make them smile in their lives. Especially at times when life does not feel so kind.

So for that reason I am adding who I can to this group. If that offends anyone please accept my apologies, you can get out of it and I will try not to bug anyone more than once. If you like the idea and are part of this group, please don’t hesitate to add people to it. Remember to make sure people know that it’s OK to be an observer or a massive contributor. There is no quota.

Here’s the link to  my public group! Today I am Grateful For…if this appeals to you.

Here’s a few more that might interest you. I highly recommend them!

The Dr. Wayne Dyer Fan Club


These are two of many uplifting groups I am part of. This week I will post links at the bottom of each post this week naming more. So please go check them out as as well as my page for this blog. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to mention them here or on my FB page.

Surround yourself with grateful and kind people and watch your world transform!

Your power of intention does make a difference in your life and makes wishing a reality. Thrust me on this. It’s happening in my life!!

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