Happy New Year!

So It’s January 1st. So it’s another New Year. Yes, yes a chance at everything new and wonderful. Right? What to write about today. Wishes and aspirations. Hopes and Dreams. My biggest goals for the New Year. OK.

Here goes. I hope that I am smarter and more peaceful today than yesterday. I wish for joy and health to keep getting better and bigger in the coming days. And that all my wishes come true.

But couldn’t that be said of everyone. Will there be chaos and drama. Yep. Will some still not get what life is all about even if you would point them in the right direction with a map. Yep. Will tragedies happen with no known meaning. Unfortunately, yes.

It will be less what you wish for and more what you make happen that will decide what kind of year you have. If you decide to get back on your feet, see the best in everything, get rid of what does not serve to bring you happiness, then you begin doing instead of wishing.

You cannot tell people or situations how to be and most likely some will make you cry in the New Year. Some will break your heart (especially if you lose someone you love). But it’s how you get back up that matters and only YOU can do that.

Be grateful for who stands by you (without expecting anything in return) and make sure to stand by them. These are the quality people you need in this life.

Keeping drama at a minimum is so much better for your health and will bring peace. I admit that this can be sometimes boring. Dramatic people can add all kinds of colors into your world, but it rarely serves any purpose but to bring attention to them that they constantly crave.

Good for one show, but I usually lose interest after that.

Try to ask for help instead of whining for it. Try asking for love and kindness if you need it. Trust me, there are people out there who are more than willing to give it if you are not whining about it. A little drama and darkness falls on all of us and worry too. And it’s not weakness to tell people you are struggling with life. I had over 200 people offering their prayers and support when my husband got operated on last year and I asked for their good thoughts and kindness. It was the most awesome feeling. And I am glad to say that he recuperated well and I like to believe that it’s because I had the power of thought from some very nice people and complete strangers that offered their support.  Very Awesome if you ask me.

Join groups inside and outside of social media that will help you meet people like you. And if there are none. Help make one.

Help improve your life and take steps to make one positive happen per day. What an awesome way of making every new day count.

Have a grateful jar or journal. It’s keeping yourself grateful on the days that are not so easy that really make you realize that you are on the right path.

All this to say that these steps can only be done by you. You are the master of your own happiness even in the roughest days.

So make your year and every day awesome. You can. Reach for the stars and make your wishes come true. Who knows what one simple wish you made happen can lead you.

Happy New Year! Happy New Day!




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